Rez - Playstation 2

Rez - Playstation 2
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Get Trancermission

Get a 1st Place ranking on the Lost Area Mission

Close View

Get a 1st place rank on 2 areas

Far view

Get a 1st place rank in 3 areas

Get Area 5

Finish areas 1-4 with a 100% ranking

Get Lost Area

Finish Area 5

Get New Beam Types

For every 5 areas you finish in score attack mode you will unlock 1 new beam type. 6 new beams are available

1st person View

in score attack mode get 1st place rank in 5 areas

0 and 2nd Form player skins

Get 100% in any area or get 5 hours of total gameplay

3rd Form Player Skin

Get 100% in any 2 areas or get 6 hours of total gameplay

4th Form Player Skin

Get 100% in any 3 areas or get 7 hours of total gameplay

5th Form Player Skin

Get 100% in any 4 areas or get 8 hours of total gameplay

Final Form Player Skin

Get 100% in any 5 areas or get 9 hours of total gameplay


Finish the Direct Assault Trance option using beyond mode

Get Boss Rush Mode

Get 95% or better on areas 1-5

Get Morolien Player Skin

Get 100% ranking in ALL areas OR get 10 hours of gameplay

Get Dynamic View

Use score attack mode and get 1st place in 4 areas

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