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Rune: Viking Warlord - Playstation 2

Rune: Viking Warlord - Playstation 2
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Gremlin fun

On one of the levels when you are in "Hel", you will come across two gremlins trapped in cages. There is a gremlin that is in the hanging cage with the lever in front of it, if you press the lever the cage will drop down a little bit, hop down with it, and there will be another lever and a furnace. Press the lever and a giant flame will come out of the furnace and fry the gremlin! Its pretty funny.


Beat the game twice and then go to multiplayer, once you have one three games of multiplayer, play single player, you will have invincibility.

Item Combinations

Ancients' PledgeRal Ort TalShield
ArmageddonAmn Jo Cham Sol Amn IthAxe, Club, Polearm, Hammer
AuthorityZod Gul UmHelm
BeastZod Tir Um Mal LumAxe, Club, Hammer
BeautyEl Ral EthHelm
BlackPo Sol EldClub, Hammer, Mace
BloodJo Ber El UmSpear, Axe, Sword
BoneLum EldSpear, Wand
BrambleEth RalArmor
BrandEl Hel Ral IthScepter, Sword
Breath of the DyingJo Tal Ist Lo Ort LemWeapon
Broken PromiseTal Ohm DolWeapon
Call to ArmsThul Ith Thul MalWeapon
Chains of HonorTir Amn El OrtArmor
ChanceLo RalWeapon
ChaosSur Ort Eld ShaeArmor
Crescent MoonEld Hel UmAxe, Sword, Polearm
DarknessTal Amn Gul Nef ThulMelee Weapon
DaylightAmn Tir JoMelee Weapon
DeathDol Lem Nef Tal EthWeapon
DeceptionKo Dol EthDagger
DeleriumLem Ort PoHelm
DesireLo Ort IthHelm
DespairPul Cham Lum Pul OrtMelee Weapon
DestructionEth Ral Gul AmnAxe, Club, Hammer
DoomShae Ber Pul Ith Eth ThulAxe, Club, Hammer
DragonUm Nef Lum Eth LoMelee Weapon
DreadLem El Ko HelMelee Weapon
DreamRal EthHelm
DuressShae Um ThulArmor
EdgeBer OrtAxe, Sword, Dagger
ElationNef Vex ElHelm
EnigmaCham Ber IthArmor
EnlightenmentThul EldHelm
EnvyKo TirHelm
EternityPul El Tal Lem BerMelee Weapon
ExileTal Nef Tir ThulShield
FaithFal Cham Um RalShield
FamineEld Vex Eld Tir LemAxe, Club
FlamePul Eth TalSword
FortitudeShae Eth TirClub, Hammer, Mace, Scepter
FortuneEth Amn Sur Hel VexDagger
FriendshipShae TalShield
FuryJo Gul EthMelee Weapon
GloomGul Ith ShaeAxe
GloryMal Fal Tal EldMelee Weapon
GriefLum Ist Eld EldBow and Crossbow
Hand of JusticeKo Eld Zod Sur Um PoMace, Scepter
HarmonySol Zod HelArmor
HatredRal Thul Pul Po TalMelee Weapon
Heart of the OakEl Nef Eth HelStaff, Club
Heaven's WillMal Hel Ko Shae Amn KoScepter
Holy TearsIst Ral Tal GulScepter
Holy ThunderTal El Eld EthScepter
HonorIth Ort Sol Ral RalMelee Weapon
RevengeNef Tal Tir RalStaff
HumilityIth Shae ElHelm
HungerRal HelSword, Dagger, Axe, Spear
IceTal Hel Po NefSword, Dagger, Axe, Spear
InfinityEl El Sol TalStaff
InnocenceIth UmScepter
InsightEl Nef FalHelm
JealousyHel Po Ort LemWeapon
JudgementLem Ort Tal El AmnMelee Weapon
King's GraceNef Eld EthSword, Scepter
KingslayerMal Ort GulSword, Axe
Knight's VigilRal Nef Eth Lum ElMelee Weapon
KnowledgeOrt LemHelm
Last WishSol Thul Ral IthShield
LawUm Ral Fal ElShield
LawbringerUm Lem BerMelee Weapon
LeafEld IthStaff
LightningPo Hel Sol ElMelee Weapon
LionheartHel Lum FalArmor
LoreAmn ThulHelm
LoveGul Fal Gul SurShield
LoyaltyNef Ral UmShield
LustSol El Ort El Lo EldMelee Weapon
MadnessGul OhmHelm
MaliceTir El NefMelee Weapon
MelodyThul Po EthBow and Crossbow
MemoryJo Ort Nef ElStaff
MistAmn RalMelee Weapon
MorningEl Vex TirShield
MysterySol Eth LemStaff
MythEl TirMask
NadirEl TirHelm
Nature's KingdomUm Eth Um RalClub
NightRal Ith Gul AmnMelee Weapon
OathPo El Nef OrtScepter
ObediencePo LumArmor
OblivionJo Zod El Po Hel SurAxe, Hammer, Mace
ObsessionEl Sol Ith TalMelee Weapon
PassionMal Tir PoMelee Weapon
PatienceAmn SolHelm
PatterTal Ort Tal Tir EldWeapon
PeaceUm Ith Eld LemShield
Voice of ReasonEl Ith El Ort Eth ElMelee Weapon
PenitenceThul Hel IthMelee Weapon
PerilFal TirWeapon
PestilenceTir Ko Tir SolWeapon
PhoenixAmn Sur Ort HelMelee Weapon
PietyEl Ber EthScepter
Pillar of FaithPul Lem Ith Tal IthScepter
PlaguePul ShaeDagger, Sword, Spear
PraiseVex EthScepter, Mace
PrayerSol Eth Shae TirScepter
PrideDol Fal EthMelee Weapon
PrincipleZod Nef MalMelee Weapon
Prowess in BattleShae RalWeapon
PrudenceMal TirArmor
PunishmentEld Nef Ral MalMelee Weapon
PurityTir Amn Ohm Ort KoMelee Weapon
QuestionSol El IthStaff
RadianceEth Tir TalHelm
RainCham IthClub
ReasonAmn Vex LemHelm
RedShae Ort PoWeapon
RhymeShae EthShield
RiftEld Tir Ort Eld Ko IthAxe
SanctuaryKo Tir Ral ThulShield
SerendipityIth FalClub, Mace, Scepter
ShadowLo Ith Ral ThulClaw
Shadow of DoubtTal AmnHelm
SilenceLum Ort Fal Lem Po LemWeapon
Siren's SongLo Thul Tal LemMelee Weapon
SmokeHel TirArmor
SorrowTir Nef Shae Gul NefMelee Weapon
SpiritMal El El Ber ShaeWeapon
SplendorEth LumShield
StarlightLem Nef TirStaff, Sword
StealthEth ElScepter
SteelNef TirSword, Axe, Mace
Still WaterEl ThulMelee Weapon
StingNef Amn LumSword, Dagger
StoneRal Thul ElMace, Hammer, Club
StormEl Tir Hel Nef TirAxe, Hammer
StrengthOrt TalMelee Weapon
TempestEth Eld Ral IstWeapon
TemptationEl KoHelm
TerrorIst Ith Fal ElWeapon
ThirstEld OrtMelee Weapon
ThoughtShae PoHelm
ThunderHel IstHammer, Mace, Axe
TimeSur Gul Ber Nef Jo KoStaff
TraditionEl Ort Nef RalScepter
TreacherySur Ko VexMelee Weapon
TrustAmn Eld ChamHelm
TruthFal Um Ohm Vex Nef LumSword
Unbending WillOrt Cham Tal TalArmor
ValorNef El LoMelee Weapon
VengeanceIth Amn ElWeapon
VenomOrt Sol MalWeapon
VictoryTal Nef Eld ElMelee Weapon
VoiceTir IthHelm
VoidAmn El Jo Ral PulMelee Weapon
WarGul Amn Nef Tir NefWeapon
WaterEth Ohm Zod PoMelee Weapon
WealthTal Pul ElArmor
WhisperDol Tir ElMelee Weapon
WhiteLum Ith EldWand
WindSur ElMelee Weapon
Wings of HopeThul Tir Lum Tir RalMelee Weapon
WisdomRal Jo Ral Ko ElStaff
WoeTir Nef Ith Ort DolMelee Weapon
WonderNef Sol IstWand
WrathRal Eth Lo Hel ElMelee Weapon
YouthRal Hel Tir Lum PulArmor
ZephyrTal IthBow and Crossbow

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