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Shinobi - Playstation 2

Shinobi - Playstation 2
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Shinobi - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Collect the gold Oboro Clan Coins during game play to unlock bonus options in the extras menu, including level select and movies.

Play As Moritsune

Collect 30 Oboro Clan Coins during game play. Moritsune is Hotsuma's brother, and is stronger and faster. However, the Akujiki sword will drain him more.

Play As Joe Musashi

Collect 40 Oboro Clan Coins during game play. Joe's sword damage does less than when playing as Hotsuma, however his shurikens are unlimited in number, do more damage, but do not stun. Also, since he does not use the Akujiki sword, his energy does not drain constantly.

VR Stage

Collect 50 Oboro Clan Coins during game play.

Hard Difficulty Setting

Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Insane Difficulty Setting

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

The many faces of Shinobi

Hotsuma is one bad man, but he isn't the only available character. if you beat the game once and collect thirty talismans, his brother Moritsune will become available. Moritsune is stronger faster, and less hearty than Hotsuma, this means he kicks more ass, but Akujiki feeds of him more quickly. Finally, if you beat hard mode with forty talismans collected, you will unlock the OG, that's right, Joe Musashi himself. while he isn't as strong in sword play as the brothers, he can throw shurikens like no bodys business, enjoy trying to get these guys.

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