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Silent Hill 3 - Playstation 2

Silent Hill 3 - Playstation 2
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Silent Hill 3 - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Beef Jerky Cheat

If you run out of ammo, just simply throw a beef jerky atit(especially the dog type creatures) and it will go away.

Costume Passwords

Finish the game one time to get the "extra Costume" option. Then put in a case sensitive password below

Codes for the UK version (PAL) of Silent Hill

Heather Shirt: HappyBirthDay
Onsen: I_Love_You
Block Head: PutHere2FeelJoy
God Of Thunder: GangsterGirl
The Ligh:; LightToFuture
Transience: ShogyouMujou
Killer Rabbit: BlueRobbieWin
Royal Flush: 01_03_08_11_12
Golden Rooster: cockadooodledoo
Transform Costume: PrincessHeart (Note: This is actually a key)
Zipper: Shut_your_mouth
Game Reactor T-shirt: SH3_Wrestlarn
Play-shirt: sLmLdGhSmKfBfH
North American Shirt Codes (NTSC)

PSM Shirt: badical
GMR Shirt: GMRownzjoo
Gamepro Shirt: ProTip
EGM Shirt: EGMpretaporter
OPM Shirt: SH3_OPiuM

Game Informer Tank Top

Complete the game to unlock Extra Costume modeon the Main Menu. From here, input the word "gameinformer". Please note that this cheat is case sensitive.

Tarot card, on door in the Church

'FOOL' in the top left hand cornor
'MOON' in the top right cornor
'EYE' in the centre in the middle row
'HANGMAN' in the bottm left hand cornor
'PRINCESS' in bottom right hand cornor

theirs a book that tells u as well in the game, on the bed!!! u can look at it anyway.

the door SHOULD open

Suitcase in the hospital

The code is the same as the clock.
enter: 0141


3F Hospital door code:1354
Take a picture in Basement, back the shelf.


Enter code: 3178
In B3, Morghous at hospital.



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