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Splashdown - Playstation 2

Splashdown - Playstation 2
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Splashdown - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Various Cheats

In Options hold R2 and quickly press Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Square Circle Square Circle. If done correctly the Cheat Name screen will appear. Now enter any of the following casesensitive "Codes":
AllChar All Characters
TopBird Cannot Get Knocked Off
PMeterGo Max Performance Meter
Hobble Hard Tracks with Normal AI
AllOutAI Expert AI
Festival All Ending FMV Sequences
IBelieve Play Time Trials Against A UFO
F18 Play Time Trials Against a Mini F18
SEADOOPlay Time Trials Against Ghost of Currently Selected Player
PassportAll Courses
LaPinataAll Wetsuits
PMeterGoMax Performance Meter


IN the free ride mode, ride out past the two islands and the music will stop. When that happens keep going. A giant squid will appear and will throw you to an island to get guns on your wave runner

Secret passage

Go to loch ness, Scotland. start racing and in the middle of the track you will come up to a waterfall. Submarine under the waterfall and that's the shortcut.

Get hit by a whale tail

First,go to the Barrier Reef Australia course. At the beginning of the course, ride strait into the ocean on your right. You might see a couple islands but keep on going. Soon after that, the music will stop. Then the giant whale tail will pop out of the water and fling you back to the course.

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