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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter - Playstation 2

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter - Playstation 2
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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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No Cockpit Displays

Put in NOHUD for the code

Be Invincible

Put in QUENTIN for the code

Different Camera Angles

Put in DIRECTOR for the code. Select cycles, R1 zooms

Inverted Controls

Put in JARJAR for the code

Get Programmer Message

Put in MAGGIE for the code

Get Simon Pics

Put in SIMON for the code

Get Z-95 Ship

Put in HEADHUNT for the code

All Cheats

Put in PNYRCADE for the code

Get X-Wing Fighter

Get a gold medal on Act 1 Mission 3

Get Tie Fighter

Get a gold medal on Act 1 Mission 4

Get Advanced Zoomer Ship

Get a gold medal on Act 2 Mission 3

Get Jedi Starfighter

Get a gold medal on Act 2 Mission 4

Get Sabaoth Fighter

Get a gold medal on Act 2 Mission 5

Get Advanced Freefall Ship

Get a gold medal on Act 3 Mission 1

Get Advanced Havoc Ship

Get a gold medal on Act 3 Mission 3

Get Republic Gunship

Get a gold medal on Act 3 Mission 5

Get Slave 1 Ship

Get a gold medal on all missions

Hidden objectives

Mission 1: Destroy the spy ship.
Mission 2: Allow no enemy craft to land on the beach.
Mission 3: Destroy all walking Starfighters in the hanger.
Mission 4: Destoy all Tractor Beam Towers.
Mission 5: Destroy all enemies.
Mission 6: Finish mission in under nine minutes.
Mission 7: Destroy all three Trade Federation Freighters.
Mission 8: Destroy all Landers and Super Freighters.
Mission 9: Prevent all Hex Deployers from escaping.
Mission 10: Lose no friendly Tugs.
Mission 11: Destroy all Trade Federation Landers.
Mission 12: Destroy all Turrets.
Mission 13: Destroy all Bunkers.
Mission 14: All Mere Transports must survive.
Mission 15: All Mere Cruisers must survive.

Hidden objectives for two player mode

Mission 1: Complete mission in four minutes or less.
Mission 2: Destroy all Trade Federation Carriers.
Mission 3: Destroy all station doors.
Mission 4: Destroy all Trade Federation Sub docks.
Mission 5: Protect all buildings.
Mission 6: Destroy all containers.
Mission 7: Destroy all Sabaoth crafts.
Mission 8: Destroy all defense barracks.
Mission 9: Prevent all Drop Ships from landing.
Misson 10: Destroy "Reavers".
Mission 11: Destroy all Missile Frigate groups.
Mission 12: Destroy Cruiser without using the orbital cannon.
Mission 13: Lose no Clones.
Mission 14: Remove all of Toth's shields.
Mission 15: Destroy all turrets on Destroyers and Flagships.

Funny secrets

Easter Eggs:
in the mount Meraken level after you've destroyed about 75 percent of the buildings and the fire comes out of the pipes, look into one that is not burning. You will see 3 easter eggs.

Droid in the Snow:
In the same level there are two landing platforms go to the one built against the mountain. Hover between the peek of the mountain and the platform. You will see a big pipe. If you're in the right position you'll see a little wite dot at the foot of the mountain. zoom in on that and you will see a droid building a snowman

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