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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 - Playstation 2

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 - Playstation 2
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Red Shirt Unlocked

To unlock Tiger's "signature" red shirt, simply beat all 21 scenarios in the "play now" mode. The screen will read "you've unlocked Tigers Red Shirt and more". The "and more" is still undetermined.

Red Shirt Info

Tiger's red shirt give you more accurate Tiger yardages. Example driver that was 280 yards is now 297

Various Sounds

In multiplayer mode when its your opponents turn you can press triangle, square, circle, or x to hear various noises to taunt your opponent. You can also hold in R1 or R2 while pressing these buttons to hear other taunting sounds.

Fast Mode

When the computer is taking his turn hold triangle and it will go all fast

Long Drives

On the PRO level with any golfer. During your drive, press and hold the UP button immediately after striking the ball. You will get an obscenely long drive. My high is 455 yards so far

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