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Tony Hawk's Project 8 - Playstation 2

Tony Hawk's Project 8 - Playstation 2
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Tony Hawk's Project 8 - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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All Specials Unlocked In The Shop:
Enter yougotitall as a code to unlock. This does not include decks or pro tricks.

Almost All Decks:
Enter needaride as a code. All decks except for the Inkblot deck and Gamestop deck will be unlocked and free.

Bonus Characters:
Complete the indicated task by completing the goals in Career mode to unlock the corresponding character.

Bam Margera: Complete Pro Challenge
Beaver mascot: Unlock High School
Bob Burnquist: Complete Pro Challenge
Bum: Unlock the Car Factory level
Daewon Song: Complete Pro Challenge
Dustin Dollin: Complete Pro Challenge
Filmer: Unlock the High School level
Jason Lee: Complete the final Tony Hawk goal
Lyn-z Adams Hawkins: Complete Pro Challenge
Mike Vallely: Complete Pro Challenge
Nyjah Huston: Complete Pro Challenge
Paul Rodriguez: Complete Pro Challenge
Photographer: Unlock the Shops level
Real Estate Agent: Unlock the Downtown level
Rodney Mullen: Complete Pro Challenge
Ryan Sheckler: Complete Pro Challenge
Security Guard: Unlock the School level
Stevie Willams: Complete Pro Challenge
Travis Barker: Complete Pro Challenge
Zombie: Complete Pro Challenge

Downtown: Easy Stokens
Stall (Triangle + L2) on a car that is moving and ride it all through town. Jump off when you are about to fall. You will get a lot of Stokens. Do not stall on the front of the car because it will stop.

Full Stats:
Enter jammypack as a code.

Fun Park: Easy Stokens
Grind the roller coaster around for awhile to get a lot of Stokens. Do not fall or get hit by the roller coaster train.

Inkblot Deck
Enter birdhouse as a code.

Perfect Manual:
Enter allthebest as a code.

Perfect Rail:
Enter frontandback as a code.

Shaba Collector's Deck:
Complete the ten Classic Mode objectives in the Downhill bonus level to get a 'Sick' rank. The message 'Sponsor Gear Unlocked' will appear. You can now get the Shaba collector's deck for free from the deck list in the skateshop.

Skate As Anchorman:
Enter newshound as a code.

Skate As Big Real Estate Agent:
Enter shescaresme as a code.

Skate As Bum:
Enter enterandwin as a code.

Skate As Christian Hosoi:
Enter hohohosoi as a code.

Skate As Dad And Skater Jam Kid:
Enter strangefellows as a code.

Skate As Et Colonel And Security Guard:
Enter militarymen as a code.

Skate As Jason Lee:
Enter chocolatecoveredpretzel as a code.

Skate As Kevin Staab:
Enter mixitup as a code.

Skate As Mascot:
Enter manineedadate as a code.

Skate As Nerd:
Enter wearelosers as a code.

Skate As Photo Girl And Filmer:
Enter themedia as a code.

Skate As Skinny Real Estate Agent:
Enter sellsellsell as a code.

Skate As The Grim Reaper:
Enter enterandwin as a code. The Grim Reaper will be unlocked in Free Skate mode (two players only).

Skate As Travis Barker:
Enter plus44 as a code. Travis Barker will be unlocked in Free Skate mode.

Skate As Twin:
Enter badverybad as a code.

Skate As Zombie:
Enter suckstobedead as a code.

Unlimited Focus:
Enter balancegalore as a code.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding video.
All Pros Behind The Scenes Videos: Beat each Pro Challenge one at a time.
All Pros Day In The Life Videos: Obtained from Jason Lee once each time.
Bam Margera Pro Footage: Beat the Bam Margera Pro Challenge.
Bob Burnquist Pro Footage: Beat the Bob Burnquist Pro Challenge.
Daewon Song Pro Footage: Beat the Daewon Song Pro Challenge.
Dustin Dollin Pro Footage: Beat the Dustion Dollin and Stevie Willams Pro Challenge.
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkings Pro Footage: Beat the Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro Challenge.
Mike V Pro Footage: Beat the Mike V Pro Challenge.
Nyjah Huston Pro Footage: Beat the Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro Challenge.
Paul Rodriguez Pro Footage: Beat the Paul Rodriguez Pro Challenge.
Pro Bails 1: Beat the Tony Hawk Pro Challenge.
Rodney Mullen Pro Footage: Beat the Rodney Mullen Pro Challenge.
Ryan Scheckler Pro Footage: Beat the Ryan Scheckler Pro Challenge.
Stevie Willams Pro Footage: Beat the Dustion Dollin and Stevie Willams Pro Challenge

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