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Hot Shots Golf 5 - Playstation 3

Hot Shots Golf 5 - Playstation 3
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In-game reset:
While playing the game, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start to reset the game and take you back to the main menu.

Play as Suzuki:
Download the demo of Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds from the PlayStation Network to your hard drive to unlock Suzuki in the full version.

Loyalty bonuses:
Reach the indicated loyalty level to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Level 4: Rising and homing
Level 7: Club level 2
Level 10: Spiral
Level 11: Club level 3
Level 12: Impact improves

Easy Loyalty:
Select Challenge mode, and play a Vs. match. Press Start when the match begins, and select the "Give Up" option. Repeat this three times to intentionally lose the match and increase the loyalty with that character.

Advanced shot:
Instead of using the head of the club to line up your shot, it is much easier to use the shaft. Line up your player's club with the "ghost" club to ensure a more fail-safe shot.

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