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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Playstation 3

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Playstation 3
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Baseball T-shirt costume:
Enter the "Rewards" menu. Select "Costumes (Heroes)", highlight the Baseball T-shirt option and press Left, Right, Down, Up, Triangle, R1, L1, Square.

Drake's Jersey:
To unlock a baseball jersey for Drake to wear, head to the Costume section of the game and insert the following code: Left, Right, Down, Up, Triangle, R1, L1, Square.

Library puzzle:
When you enter the room where Sully is associating with the crooks, you will first have to kill all the guards. Afterwards you will have to solve a puzzle with the statues in the center of the room. Press Select to enter Sir Francis Drake's diary. You will see that the four statues are next to either north, south, east, or west. Then, exit the diary. The center of the room has a compass painted on the stone. You must turn the statue to the same direction indicated on the compass. Once completed, a secret door will open.

Various Codes:
Enter the "Rewards menu. Enter the appropriate section, highlight one of the following options, then enter the code when prompted to unlock the corresponding item.

Concept Art: Bonus 1
L2, Right, Up, Square, Left, Triangle, R1, Down

Concept Art: Bonus 2
Square, L1, Right, Left, Down, R2, Triangle, Up

Making a Cutscene: Time's Up
Press L1, Right, Square, Down, Left, Triangle, R1, Up

Costumes (Heroes): Baseball shirt Drake
Left, Right, Down, Up, Triangle, R1, L1, Square

Making a Cutscene: Grave Robbing
Left, R2, Right, Up, L2, Triangle, Square, Down

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