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Cool Boarders 2 - Playstation

Cool Boarders 2 - Playstation
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Cool Boarders 2 - Playstation en Favori.

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Alternate Uniforms

Enter this code to put Cindy in a leather suit and Irin in a school uniform. First hightlight SBC on the main menu and press Down R1 Up R1 Down R2 Up R2 Up Up R1 Down Down R2. You will hear "Here we go" each time you press R1 or R2. The new uniforms are available in every mode except SBC.

Hard Mode

For a harder game press L1 X

Mirror Mode

Complete SBC then go to the Options screen and press Select on Controller 2. When you get the mode select screen press R1 Square to play on the mirror tracks.

Play as the Boss

Beat the Mirror mode in first place.

Secret Boards

Break all the records for all tracks in Freeride mode.

New Character

Press R1 R2 Left Up Right Down R2 R1 on the boarder select page and you should see a new character h3d Crazy Ed.

Play as the Alien

Score 38 points or highter on the half pipe.

Play as the Snowman

Break all records in Freeride.
Submitted by: DMC379

Play as the Red Alien

Get 45 points on the Halfpipe.
Submitted by: DMC379

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