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Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown - Playstation

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown - Playstation
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Secret Levels

Episode 1In the Toxic Dump level go to the last lighted area before the exit you will see a cracked wall that hides the secret level exit.Episode 2In the Occupied Territory level when you are half way across the bridge to the exit turn around and look at the control booth. There is a switch high up on the column to the right of the booth. Shoot the switch to open the secret area to the left of the bridge.In the Dark Side level on the other side of the obelisk there is a cracked wall. Shoot it to go to the Lunatic Fringe secret level.Episode 3In the Movie Set level next to the yellow key card and a satellite there is a USA sign. Push the sign to gain access to the secret level Tier Drops.In the Hotel Hell level there is a waterfall that hides a teleporter to the secret level Freeway.

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