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Final Fantasy Tactics - Playstation

Final Fantasy Tactics - Playstation
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13th Zodiac Stone

Go into the Deep Dungeon Found in Chapter 4 in Warjuliis Trade City. After you defeat the final boss a Byblos will join your team. he has awesome abilities and the 13th Zodiac Stone.

Duplicate Weapons

Set the Ninja "Two Swords=" skill on anyone. Equip a shild in their right hand and the item you want duplicated in their left. Now go to a shop that sells the items you want duplicated choose "Best Fit" and buy them. Next go to the formation screen and remove the items. You should now have two of the item you had in the left hand.

Instantly Kill Undead

Simply throw them a pheonix down.

Zodiac Stones

Aries acquired after defeating Wiegraf
Taurus found hidden in Goug Machine City
Gemini acquired after beating Duke Elmdor in Limberry City
Cancer acquired after beating the steel giant.
Libra in the pssession of thunder god Cid.
Scorpio acquired after beating Draclau.
Sagittarius the high priest gives this stone to Meliadoul.
Capicorn acquired after beating Dycedarg.
Aquarius found in the deep coal mine in Goland
Pisces given to Alma by Izlude while he was dying.
Leo Elidibs has it in the last deep dungeon level.
Virgo Altima possesses the last stone in the graveyard of Airships.

Hard to Get Items

Easy way to get all those hard to get items is to first train a mediator to level 8. Invite some of those hard to find monsters like Hydra's and Tiamats. Once they join you let them breed. Take the babies into battle and have all the remaining members have Secret Hunt equipped. Now kill the babies to get some hard to get weapons.

Get Most Powerful Sword

Invite a Morbol or Ochu. The plant things with tentacles in the swamp. Breed them until the 3rd stage and poach. You should get access to a sword at the Fur Shop wich is the most powerful in the game.

Easy Kill

An easy way to kill bosses once you have Beowulf in your party is to utilize his Drain ability with his sword. You can take off an average of 800 hit points an attack. Orlandu's Lightning stab levels off almost all opponents.

Get the Zodiac Summoning

In order to get the Zodiac Summoning you must first have a summoner present on the 10th level of the dungeon and withstand a summoning of the Zodiac which does approx. 300500 hit points an attack. You must survive and then you will have access to the magic which sucks up 99 magic per spell.

Deep Dungeon

In order for you to progress through the Deep Dungeon you must have your characters equipped with the movefind item. you must have one of your characters land on the tile which has a switch on it. The tile is never the same so it is trial and error.

Defeat Balk

A cheap way to defeat Balk the engineer on the second last stage is to bring Worker 8 with you. The Hydra's and Tiamat's TRI attacks do not effect him in the least so his Dispose attack can do its magic from almost any place on the map.

Break Weapon

Starting the second chapter on all bosses utilize the Break Weapon technique to eliminate any threat of special attacks. Any human boss has a weapon attack. Once broken they are usually just left with a fist attack which is more like a scratch.

Master the Squire

Equip the monster skill to Ramza before fighting Celia & Lede after they've become Altima Beasties. Wait for them to attack you with their Ultima spell. If you survive their attack you'll gain access to the all powerful ultima.
Submitted by: ElDiabloMacho18

9999 Jp
1. Go to a job list that can scroll down (example: priest, summoner, chemist, ninja, samurai, wizard, time mage)
2. Click on the cheapest move you can afford
3. You should be on the place where it says yes or no
4. Insted of clicking on yes hold square and click down (or up)
5. In the backround you will see that the list has scrolled down
6. Make sure that the arrow in the backround is pointing on a move you cannot afford
7. On the yes or no list the arrow should of changed from yes to no when you scrolled down
8. Now click yes and you should have 0000 jp
9. Go out of the learn job menu and go back on it again
10. Now you should have 9999 jp

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