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Jet Moto - Playstation

Jet Moto - Playstation
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Jet Moto - Playstation en Favori.

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Big head

when bubble press up right circle R2 left
Submitted by: unknown

Unlock All Tracks

Go to the Options screen and set the Difficulty to Amateur. Ten set the Trophy Presenter to Male. Return to the Main Screen by pressing Start and press Up Right Down Left Up Right Down Left on controller 1. Next return to the Options screen by pressing Left once then X. Now set the Difficulty to Professional. Set the Trophy Presenter to Rider's Choice. Then return to the Main Screen by pressing Start and press Up Left Down Right Up Left Down Right on controller 1.

Easier Tricks

Once you have beat the game a bubble will appear saying "Codes Enabled=". Press Down Circle Left L1 Left Right Left Right at this screen. You may also enter the "Cheats Enabled Message=" code below without having to beat the game.

View All the Endings

Go to the Options Menu and set the difficulty to Amateur turn off the Turbos and turn off the Grapple. Next select the credits while holding down L2 on controller 1.

Cheats Enabled Message

Go to the Options Menu and set the difficulty to Professional. Next set the laps per race to 6. Now exit the options and press Circle Cirlce Circle Square Triangle Triangle Square Triangle.

Various Codes

After you have the bubble saying "Cheats Enabled" you may enter any of the following codes:
2Player CPU AI Circle Square R2 Circle Triangle L2 Right Up
Super Agility Down Circle Left L1 Left Left Right Left Right
Zero Resistance Square L1 Triangle Right L1 Down R2 Triangle
Double Stunt Points Right Up Circle L2 Triangle Circle R1 R2
Show Off Camera Triangle Down Square Triangle L1 L1 R1 R1
Air Brakes R1 R2 Right L2 Up Circle Up Circle
Rocket Racer Triangle Up Up L2 L2 Up Up Up
Unlimited Turbos Triangle Circle Right R2 Up Square Up Triangle
Ice Racing Up R2 R1 Right L1 Square Right Right

All Boards

Go to the Options Menu set skill level to Amateur and trophy presenter to Male. Exit Options and press Up Right Down Left Left. Go back into Options and set skill level to Professional and trophy presenter to Rider's Choice. Go back out and press Up Left Down Right Right.

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