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NFL Gameday '97 - Playstation

NFL Gameday '97 - Playstation
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NFL Gameday '97 - Playstation en Favori.

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Various Cheats

At either the PreSeason or Season Play screens press L1 R1 L2 R2. This will bring you to the easter egg screen where you can enter any of the following "Easter Eggs":
EffectEaster Egg
Beat the Cornerbacks Toast
Better Coverage Tight Cover
Croud is Louder Shout
Harder Hits Steriods
Lob Passes Torreta
OneHanded Catches Stretch
Players Are Slower Slo mo
Strong Winds Twister
Stronger Winds and Rain Squall
10 Yard Stiff Arm Pinball
AI Boost Gd Challenge
AI Steps Down Idiot
AI Super Boosted Genius
Air Tackle Pancake
All Players Are Big Fridge
Announcer is Louder Loud Mouth
Big Girls Big Girls
Big Stars Big Stars
Clock Doesn't Move No Time
Credits Credits
Dark Night Dark Night
Decrease the Penalities Blind Ref
Defense Boost Defense
Electric Football Electric FB
Explosive Hits Atomic Bomb
Faster Defensive Line Mandarich
Faster Speed Burst Juice
Fixes the Egg Problem Doc
Flea Circus Flea Circus
Gameplay Adjustment Ice Skates
Higher Field Goals Dempsey
Higher Hurdles Frog
Higher Jump Long Jump
Higher Kicks Hang Time
Huge Players Goliath
Increase Penalties Busy Ref
Karate Chop Karate
Less Fumbles Gloves
Linebacker Boost Butkas
Louder Hits Crunchy
More Info Hatchet
More Injuries Brittle
More Ups Rejection
Mysterious Pop Up Infamous Pop Ups
Offense Boost Offense
Players Are Fatter Home Cooking
Pump the Jets Up Nyse
QB Accuracy Boost Joe
QB Throws Harder Bazooka
RB Boost Sayers
Speed Change Gb Speed
Stiff Arm Stronger Ouch
Stronger Shoulder Charge Bo Knows
Stronger Winds Blizzard

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