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Silent Bomber - Playstation

Silent Bomber - Playstation
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Silent Bomber - Playstation en Favori.

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Unlock Everything

at the main screen hold down L1 R1 and press R2 L2 x circle triangle square

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Napalm Liquid 300D7E2A 0063

Infinite Paralysis Liquid 300D7E2B 0063

Infinite Gravity Liquid 300D7E2C 0063

Infinite E-Chips 300D7E2D 0063

Max Set Bombs 8019147C 0006

Max Lock-On Range 80191E00 0006

Max Defense Field Power 80192784 0006

Max Score 800D7E84 FFFF

................800D7E86 0FFF

Unlock All Characters 800D7D28 FFFF

Overall Time is 0:00:00 800D7D18 0000

Targets Destroyed (Note) C20D7E3E 0001

......................................800D734E 0000

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