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TOCA Touring Car Championship 2 - Playstation

TOCA Touring Car Championship 2 - Playstation
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TOCA Touring Car Championship 2 - Playstation en Favori.

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Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Names" as a h3 in single player mode:
CMFORD Drive Ford Mondeo
BIGLEY All Tracks
TECHLOCK Bonus Track
DINKYBIT Oulton Park Island Circuit
BANGBANG New Option in Challenge Mode
DUBBED Quicker Damage
LUNAR Low Gravity
LONGLONG 40 Lap Race
FASTBOY Turbo Mode
JUSTFEET Invisible Car Except for Tires
PUNCHY Disable Championship Disqualification
ELASTIC Higher Elevated Tracks
BCASTLE Bouncing Collisions
TRIPPY Blurred Background
PADDED Padded Barriers

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