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Fighter's Megamix - Saturn

Fighter's Megamix - Saturn
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Fighter's Megamix - Saturn en Favori.

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Fight as Niku

The game disc must be loaded on the Saturn thirty times. After this point Niku will always be accessible by highlighting Kumachan and pressing X. Niku's moves are similar to Sanman's.

Fight as Yashinoki

Play the game 1000 cumulative times and have five all clear characters.

Fight as School Girl Honey/Candy

Complete course A. Highlight Honey and press X to be red or Z to be blue.

Fight as Virtua Fighter 1 Version Shida

Press X or Z to select Shiba at the character selection screen.

Fight as the AM2 Palm Tree

Play the game for 84 cumulative hours. Highlight Kumachan and press Z. Your character will be the palm tree from the AM2 logo. This character may be fought after all courses are completed with five different characters 1000 cumulative games are played and course I is played with Niku.

Fight as Bean

Select single player mode and complete the Muscle course.

Fight as Janet

Select single player mode and complete the Girls course.

Alternate Costume Color

Press L R C when selecting your character. Press L R X to fight as Picky in orange armor.

Hyper Mode

Enable survival mode and finish within the three time limits 3 minutes with at least 2 wins 7 minutes with at least 6 wins and 15 minutes with at least 11 wins. This mode is also available after defeating the CPU in team battle mode using the default settings. Hyper mode will be selectable under the options plus menu.


Delete all Fighters Megamix saved game files. Complete courses A through H. Course I must not be completed. Place OK marks on 1200 moves in training. Go to course I and press L. A screen full of question marks will appear. Find the two matching pictures to view a picture of Janet. Complete the minigame again to view her without armor. Complete the minigame again to view her with less clothing.

Option Plus Menu

Play the game 500 cumulative times to gain three additional option plus selections. These allow survival mode cage selection and allowing player one or player two to have no damage.

Hidden Options

Press L Start at the character select screen to adjust the game's difficulty fight length number of rounds and other options.

Full Screen Pause

Pause game play and press X Y Z to remove the paused game text.

Completion Bonus

Complete courses A through I to access all hidden characters more options bookkeeping and portraits.

Hidden Files

Place the game disc in a PCcompatible CDROM drive. Extract the "omake.lzh" file to view thirteen JPEG game images. View the "README.DOC" file for Japanese text about the game including comments from the makers of the game including Suzuki Yu. A move list for all the characters except the secret/hidden ones is also present in the text.

Training Characters

Increase the number of OK counts for all characters in training mode until the total exceeds 600. It is not necessary to completely train a single character.

Training Mode Music Select

Press Start to display the move list then press L or R to change the music.

Fighting Training Dummy

Enter training mode and press Start after the fight begins. A Japanese command list of moves will be displayed. Scroll one line up the list and exit this screen. The dummy will kick at you after returning to the ring. Scroll to a different command on the list for a different action by the dummy.

Big Mahler Stage Secrets

Press X on controllers one and two at the Big Mahler stage when the round number appears to have an F14 jet fly overhead. If this is done when both players are fighting as Kumachan the ground will change into the shape of Panda Chan's face.

Bark's Santa Costume

Highlight Bark at the character selection screen and press A B C.

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