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Horde - Saturn

Horde - Saturn
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Horde - Saturn en Favori.

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Pause the game and press B Up Right Down A Down A Right.

Continue Gameplay

Pause the game and press A Down Down Right A Down. The game will continue after the entire village is destroyed.

Level Skip

Pause the game and press Down A Left Left Down A A Right. The current level will be completed and Chauncey will return to the castle.

Max Money

Pause the game and press Left A A B Left A Right Down. Chauncey will have 30000 crowns.

All Items

Pause the game and press B Right A Left Left Down Right A A Left. The entire item inventory will be immediately available.

Full Map

Pause the game and press Left A Up Down B A A B. The entire map will be displayed immediately.

View FMV Sequences

Pause the game and press Right A Left Left A Up B.

Speed Up

Pause the game and press B Right A B. Chauncey will move at 2x speed. His speed will increase to 4x with the Boots Of Boogie.

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