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Madden NFL '96 - Super Nintendo

Madden NFL '96 - Super Nintendo
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Madden NFL '96 - Super Nintendo en Favori.

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Erase Saved Game Files

When powering on the system hold Start Select L R A on Controller Two. Then hold Down B Y L R to delete all saved game info.

View Ending Sequence

At the Setup Menu press A Y A Y L.

Touchdown Dances

As you score a touchdown press Y DPad or B DPad.

Quick Game

At the Options Menu highlight Quarter Length and press Y A Y A R.

Players Inc. Team

Highlight Panthers and press L Y B R A Right Y.

Tiburon Team

Highlight the Jaguars and press A Y B A B Y.

EA Sports Team

Highlight AllMadden and press B A L L Select.

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