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Beyond Oasis - Wii

Beyond Oasis - Wii
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Beyond Oasis - Wii en Favori.

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Flash Stab:
Press Forward, Forward, Forward, B

Flip Splash:
Hold B, press Forward, Backward, Forward, and then release B

Grand Spin:
Hold B, rotate the D-Pad clockwise, and release B

Best Players Screen:
To view the best players screen (which is firstly seen on completion of the game), press B + Start at the title screen.

Sword Flurry:
With any sword equipped, 360 motion on the d-pad, forward, back, forward, B, pause for half second, B

Sound Test:
At the Diary (save select) screen, press B + Start to access the game's sound test screen.

Triple Flip:
360 motion on the d-pad, forward, back, forward, B, B, B (can also be ended after the 1st or 2nd flip)

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