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Cars - Wii

Cars - Wii
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Cars - Wii en Favori.

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All cars:
Enter YAYCARS as a code to unlock all cars.

All concept art:
Enter CONC3PT as a code to unlock all concept art.

All movies:
Enter WATCHIT as a code to unlock all movies.

All paint jobs:
Enter R4MONE as a code to unlock all paint jobs.

All races:
Enter MATTL66 as a code to unlock all races.

All tracks and mini-games:
Enter IF900HP as a code to unlock all tracks and mini-games.

Avoid getting lost:
If you get lost in the desert, follow Mater or any other car without bumping into them and they will take you back to Radiator Springs.

Infinite boost:
Enter VROOOOM as a code.

Maters Speedy Circuit and Maters Countdown cleanup:
Enter TRGTEXC as a code.

Super fast start:
Enter IMSPEED as a code.

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