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Big Bumpin' - XBOX 360

Big Bumpin' - XBOX 360
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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

World Bump Champion (15 points): Win the World Bump tournament (the last tourney in the game).

First Victory (10 points): Win in any game that takes place across Xbox Live.

Slippery Like Eel (10 points): Awarded after 30 seconds without loss of health in any Last Man Standing game, online or offline.

Mine! (20 points): Running total of points scored in games of Own The Puck played over Xbox Live equals 10 minutes.

Outclassed! (20 points): Win a game of anything on Xbox Live without pressing "boost."

What happened? (20 points): Finish on the winning team in any Hockey level, having only scored due to opponents own-goals.

Knockout King (20 points): Awarded when the winning total of Knockouts (counting both online and offline) reaches 100.

Striker (20 points): Awarded when the total number of goals scored by a player's profile reaches 100.

Not Playing Anymore! (20 points): Finish an online game on any Own the Puck level with 0 points.

Hat Trick (20 points): Finish a game of Hockey over Xbox Live having scored 3 or more goals.

Win the Bump Master Classic (10 points): Win the Bump Master Classic and unlocking the bonus car.

Charge!! (15 points): Drop off 100 points of charge in one go.

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