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Jetpac Refuelled - XBOX 360

Jetpac Refuelled - XBOX 360
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Jetpac Refuelled - XBOX 360 en Favori.

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Gamerpics and Dashboard theme:
Successfully complete level 64 to unlock the Jetman and Sabreman Gamerpics and a Dashboard theme for download through in the Help & Options menu.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Alpha Launch (10 points): Launch from level one in single player Refuelled.

Squid Port Pacifist (10 points): Complete level three in single player Refuelled without using lasers or EMPs.

Power Hungry (10 points): Upgrade your laser to full capacity in single player Refuelled.

Score More (10 points): Score 250,000 points in single player Refuelled.

Survival (20 points): Starting from level one, reach level ten without dying in single player Refuelled.

Retro Cyclist (20 points): Complete all 16 levels in Retro.

Robo Rocket (20 points): Build Robo Rocket in single player Refuelled.

Half Mill Man (20 points): Score 500,000 points playing multi player Refuelled over Xbox Live.

Millionaire Man (30 points): Score 1,000,000 points in single player Refuelled.

Been through your Milky Way (20 points): Play level 44 in single player Refuelled.

You can stop now! (30 points): Complete all 128 levels in single player Refuelled.

Infection (0 points): Play with another infected player on Xbox Live.

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