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Street Trace NYC - XBOX 360

Street Trace NYC - XBOX 360
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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Pickup Tournament Pro (15 points): Complete 10 Pickup Tournaments on Xbox Live.
Ranked Tracer (20 points): Complete 25 Ranked Matches on Xbox Live.
Bronze Medal (5 points): Earn a Bronze Medal in a Time Trial.
Tracer Veteran (20 points): Earn 100 Points in Single Player Tournaments and Time Trial Medals.
Tracer Champion (30 points): Earn a Gold Medal in the Battle Royale Tournament.
Platinum Medal (25 points): Earn a Platinum Medal in a Tournament by winning every match.
Flip Award (5 points): Perform a Back Flip.
Upgrade Award (25 points): Fully upgrade your board and your weapons.
Grind Award (10 points): Take down an opponent while on a grind.
Rampage Award (20 points): Earn 4 Takedowns in a row before another Tracer can get one.
8 Player Award (10 points): Complete an 8 player match over Xbox Live.
Cash Tournament Pro (15 points): Complete 10 Cash Tournaments on Xbox Live.

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