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TMNT - XBOX 360 en Favori.

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There are 23 achievements worth 1000 points

All is Forgiven (68 pts) Complete Level 13.
Bite me! (64 pts) Complete Level 12.
Clean Sweep (50 pts) Complete a level without taking damage.
Cowabunga Carl Getaway (32 pts) Complete Level 4.
Family Unit (15 pts) Do a co-op move combination attack.
Foot trail (48 pts) Complete Level 8.
Get your first coin (15 pts) Get your first coin.
Mystical Jungle (20 pts) Complete Level 1.
Ninja Tag Time (40 pts) Complete Level 6.
Ninjas in the crypt (72 pts) Complete Level 14.
O brother where art thou (60 pts) Complete Level 11.
Spirit of the Forest (36 pts) Complete Level 5.
Techno Ninjutsu (28 pts) Complete Level 3.
The Game is the Foot (44 pts) Complete Level 7.
The Mysterious Leader (76 pts) Complete Level 15.
Tower Power (52 pts) Complete Level 9.
Used Dons special move (30 pts) Used Dons special move.
Used Leos special move (30 pts) Used Leos special move.
Used Leos special move (30 pts) Used Leos special move.
Used Mikes special move (30 pts) Used Mikes special move.
Used Raphs special move (30 pts) Used Raphs special move.
Vigilantism (24 pts) Complete Level 2.
When the slime comes (56 pts) Complete Level 10.
Winter's Secret (80 pts) Complete Level 16.

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