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Undertow - XBOX 360

Undertow - XBOX 360
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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Arsenal (10 points): Upgrade all units to level 3 in a single online match.
Atlantis Rising (10 points): Complete the Atlantis Rising campaign.
Deep 6 (20 points): Get 1000 depth charge kills.
Dive Master (10 points): Get 100 kills.
Frenzy (30 points): Complete each chapter on the Ultra difficulty setting.
Humanity's Hope (10 points): Complete the Hope of Humanity campaign.
Hydropwnage (20 points): Win an online Conquest match by taking all of the control points (get a shutout points).
Life Aquatic (15 points): Upgrade all units, all races to level 3.
Lord of the Deep (35 points): Get 10,000 kills.
Navy of One (10 points): Take over 100 control points.
Nemo's Wrath (10 points): Complete the Nemo's Wrath campaign.
Swim Pals (20 points): Complete each chapter in co-op mode.

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