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Worms HD - XBOX 360

Worms HD - XBOX 360
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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Training (10) Complete all the tutorial challenges.
Challenges (15) Complete all twenty single player deathmatch challenges.
Bronze Damage (5) Deal 500 points cumulative damage to win this award!
Silver Damage (20) Deal 2,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!
Gold Damage (35) Deal 20,000 points cumulative damage to win this award!
Three Bagger (15) Kill three worms with just one shot to bag this award (includes damage from oil drums and mines)!
Body Count (20) Send a cumulative total of 100 worms to meet their maker and win this award!
Greedy Worm (15) Collect a cumulative total of 50 crates and this award is yours!
Barrel Buster (15) Blow up 25 barrels and receive this award!
Hot Foot (15) Detonate a cumulative total of 25 mines and you'll 'trigger' this award!
Shepherd (15) Kill a cumulative total of 15 worms using just the sheep for this award...baaa-gain!
Worm Community (20) Play a four player Xbox Live game.

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