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Balder's Gate: Dark Alliance - XBOX

Balder's Gate: Dark Alliance - XBOX
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How to unlock Cheat mode

During gameplay press and hold L + R + Y + A + Left Analog Stick Right then press Start

Play as Drizzt

Successfully complete the baulders gate section of the game and he will become available.
Note: Drizzt is a elf type guy with two scimitars that are the only ones he can use.

Also reported as beating the game on extreme difficulty to get Drizzt

Duplicate items

Save the game, then drop the items to be duplicated from the inventory of your current character. Press Start and choose change your character. Import your character from the previously saved game. The game will bring in your character with all items in inventory at the time of your save, and allow you to collect the duplicates that are on the ground. Alternatively, save the game and use a Recall Potion to return to the Elfsong Tavern. Drop all your expensive items, then import your saved player. Pick your items up and sell them. You can do this as many times as needed, have to save each time before you import again or you will lose the gold you have made.

Easy items

If you have a high level character with many good items that you would like a new character to have, start a new game with the new character. Then, load the character with all the items as the second player. Then, drop the desired items on the floor to allow the new character to pick them up. Equip everything and sell off things that are not needed. Then, save the game and restart the Xbox. Play a new game with a new character and load the other new character (that has all the items) as the main character.

Easy money

This trick can be used at any point in the game. Save the game near a shop. Drop all your expensive items, then load your saved character to the same location. After the loading screen, pick up all your items and sell them. Do this again in the exact same order. You will get a lot of money. Also, use the "Duplicate items" trick with your most expensive item or weapon. Keep duplicating it until you cannot hold anymore. Sell the duplicates and buy the most expensive weapon you can afford. Duplicate these even more expensive weapons and sell them back. Keep doing this to build an unlimited amount of gold. It gets easier when you can afford the more expensive weapons.

Easy experience

Note: You must constantly save your game in order to do this trick. At any time when you encounter a Boss, immediately save the game to a new file after defeating them. Press Start and load the game file that was saved immediately before you fought the Boss. After the game has loaded, press Start and go to "Characters". Import the character from the file that was saved when you defeated the Boss. You will now have a character with more experience, but will be able to fight the Boss again which results in lots of experience. Keep doing this every time you defeat the Boss to gain levels faster.

Resurrection in multi-player mode

If a player dies during multi-player mode, have the surviving player go the previous save point. Walk in the light surrounding the save point and they will be brought back. The character will be resurrected with all items, but only with half hit points.

Start with Onyx Sword

After you have completed the game once and have saved the game with the Onyx Sword in your possession (for example, with the human), start a new game with a new character (for example, the dwarf) and save. Import the human, drop the Onyx Sword and any other good items, then import the dwarf and pick them up. Note you can do this with any character and any weapon.

The Gauntlet level

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock The Gauntlet level.

Extreme mode

Successfully complete gauntlet mode to unlock the extreme difficulty setting.

Control loading screen

Move the Right Analog-stick and the flames surrounding "Loading" will also move.

Other Cheat

to clear it up, hold L hard, R lightly, y+a then the left analog to the right, then press start. should hear the guy say something.
Submitted by Krugark

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