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Blood Omen 2 - XBOX

Blood Omen 2 - XBOX
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Kill Sebastian the easy way Sebastian:
Sebastian is the 3rd vampire that you have to kill. You will meet him when you are about to get the 'nexus stone'. This boss is one of the hard ones and will take a couple of deaths and before you beat him. But if you just stand there you'll beat him the easy way, he will not attack you and the steam around the room will kill him (you may have to die once). Whenever he is about dead the steam may not hit him anymore. During this time you can attack him becuase he will be kinda 'frozen'. He once again will not be able to attack you and the Nexus stone will soon be yours. Remember dont move!
Submitted by pam creech

Hint: Defeating Faustus:
At first, you are in a small circle room with two doors. All you haveto do is face the Boss and hold Attack + Block. Wait for him to attack.block until your Fury bar glows and hit him with that. Dodge every timeyou see him try to use a glyph attack.It only takes two or three Furyhits to get him to go to the furnace room.He has four different types. In the first, he does a five or six hitcombo. In the second, he can punch, then kick. In the third, he willjust kick. In the fourth,(glyph attack) he jumps back with a red glowand lunges forward. When he uses his first type of attack, wait untilhe punches a third time, then release your block and attack him if yourfury bar is glowing use it, if not use your claws or weapon have to get his life down about one quarter

In the next room you must use the mist form to sneak up to the furnaceand burn him. To do this, you must first find the two furnaces with fogin front of them. They are on opposing sides. When you first enter theroom, one is to the left and the other is to the right. Run around untilhe jumps to one of the two, then run to the corner and turn mist on.Slowly walk to the switch and fry him. Keep repeating this procedure untilhe jumps up on to a chain, then run to a corner of the room and stay thereuntil Faustus jumps down. He will now try to jump and kick you from faraway. If you sidestep his attack, he will hit the wall and will be stunnedand vulnerable for you to attack with a combo for a few seconds. Keeprepeating this until he is dead.
Submitted by pam creech

Hint: Defeating Marcus:
You will fight Marcus in a cathedral, on the bottom floor first. On theleft and right sides of the room are switches, one on each side. Theseswitches activate bells which disrupt Marcus' concentration and leave himvulnerable for a short time. Hit one switch, then run to the other switch,stop and hit Marcus 3 or 4 times on the way. Continue this until his"puppets"disable the bells. Go up to the second floor. beware his puppets havecrossbowsand can shoot you from far away. Marcus will just run around the secondflooruntil you kill him. he will be invisible. Once he dies, you obtain the Charmability.
Submitted by pam creech

Hint: Defeating Sebastian:
When the battle starts, run the opposite way of the mist shooting out of thegrates. Jump over when needed. Sebastian will not jump, thus burninghimself.In his second phase, you must be directly behind one of the mists and followit around until it stops. When he grabs onto the wall, put the purple portalobject between you and him. He will run directly into it. Do this threetimesto continue. In his third phase, he will try to destroy the stone. Jump upthere so he gets off and charm the peasant in the room to unload all of themist on the ground. His fourth phase is just a fist fight until the finish.Hint: Defeating Magnus:Magnus is fairly simple to defeat. When he is standing in the middle ofthe giant fountain that is surrounded by statues, run and hide behindthe closest one. He will try to burn you, but will hit the statue. Jumpout and shoot him with Telekinesis very quickly. Once he falls into thewater, run behind the next statue until he tries to burn you again andrepeat the process until he leaves. It should only take three times. Inthe next room you will see giant statues holding scythes. Magnus cannotburn you anymore, but he will charge into you. Do not bother hitting him.It does not do any good. Get in front of one of these statues and gethim to charge you. When he does, dodge him and he will run into the scythe,breaking it. Once it breaks, you will see a glowing telekinetic switch.Jump onto one of the boulders or platforms so Magnus cannot get you, andshoot the switch. The statue will open its arms. Do that to all of thestatues and the gigantic statue in the middle of the room will be putback together. Get Magnus to charge into the base of the weapon that thestatue is holding the same way as before. When it breaks, make him chargeinto the base until the statue falls and crushes him. Just stand next toit and shoot Magnus with Telekinesis. That should make him charge you.
Submitted by pam creech

Hint: Defeating the "Sarafan Lord"
He is fairly simple to defeat. He will fire energy shots at you. in sets of3.i found it best to jump and he would miss with the first three shots. afterthethird shot quickly use Telekinesis on him, it will knock him to the edge forafew seconds, you will have to change to Jump and attack him with it. he willfall off the cliff. after an animation seen He will return and you will havefight him, but he will not be firing energy blasts this time. after you gethis energy down about a quarter another animation seen will begin and thencainget his sword back and you have to fight to the death. when he is attackingholdAttack + Block and use fury, berserk, or Immolate on him when your barglows red. On his fifth swing the Sarafan Lord will use a glyph attack mostofthe time, use the side step button and avoid it. He has some very strongattacksand Kain will die fast if he gets hit with 3 or 4 glyph hits from the SafanLord.!
Submitted by pam creech

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