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Dynasty Warriors 4 - XBOX

Dynasty Warriors 4 - XBOX
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Bodyguard Manual Item

Play the Guan Yu's Escape level on the Shu side. When Xiahou Dun appears, let him catch up to Guan Yu. Let them talk and the item will appear near the boat.

Edit Function

To unlock this, unlock all 42 characters. Then, beat the game with one character from each force.

Hidden Items

Charge Bracer: Play the Sun Jian Invasion Battle level as Yuan Shao's side. Enter the castle at the top before the enemy backup arrives. A supply team will appear to the south of the castle. Defeat the Supply Captain to get the bracer. Art of War Scroll: Follow the same procedure to get the Charge Bracer, but with Dong Zhou's campaign at the Campaign against Sun Jian. Kill the generals until the Supply Captain appears, then kill him to get the item. Elephant Saddle: Play the Nanman Campaign level as the Nanman forces. Get on an elephant and ride into the enemy's main base. The special item message will appear in your main fort.
Hex Mark saddle: Beat all Musou modes until you get the Yellow Turban Musou mode. Select the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level. Beat it and choose the Liu Bei invasion battle. Defeat Zhou Yun and Guan Yu before backup troops arrive, then defeat the other enemy generals. Bring Liu Bei's health down to about half and the special item report should appear on the little island on the lower right corner of the level.
Red Hare saddle: Play the Battle Of Xia Pi as Lu Bu's forces and do not kill any enemy officers. Let Guan Yu find the Red Hare, then kill him. Shadow Rider saddle: Play the Battle At Tong Gate as the Shu forces. First, beat the four generals in the bottom right corner, then defeat Xu Huang's sub-officer and then Xu Huang. Beat Cao Cao's two sub-generals, then wait for Han Sui to meet with Cao Cao. After that, fight Cao Cao's men until his morale is one star. After a brief intermission, the special item will appear near the bottom right enemy Gate Captain.
Survival Guide: You need to have the two Qiaos. To do this, use Wu and complete the Yellow Turban Fortress and Yellow Turban Rebellion. Then, go to save Xiao Qiao and her sister, Da Qiao. The special item message will appear. Then, complete the mission.
The Way Of Musou: First, get Guan Yu's Escape for Wei. Do this by clearing the Yellow Turban Rebellion first in Act 1, then in Act 2. After the Battle of Guan Du in Act 3, it will be Wei Tales, Guan Yu's Escape. When at Guan Yu's Escape, pass the fifth gate and a Supply Team will appear around the fourth gate. Dart back, kill the Supply Captain and get the item he drops. Wind Scroll: Play the Battle of Xu Chang as the Shu Forces. When Yue Ying begins to set up the Siege Ramp, protect her. You also have to kill Xu Zhu before your rear flank dies. If you do this, the special item message will appear. The item will appear around the top of map, slightly off center.

Get Jiang Wei

Want to get a new character for shu? Clear Musou mode with Zhuge Liang and you will get Jiang Wei.

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