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Madagascar - XBOX

Madagascar - XBOX
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All Power-Ups:
Pause game play, then press B, A, A, B, Y, L, X, R, L.

Invincibility mode:
During the game play, press Up, Down, A, A, R, L, Black, White, Y, X, B.

Stage Select:
During the game play, press R, R, B, White, L, A, Y, R, Y.

The Banquet:
Go to the main lemur that is on the drum where all the food lies. Speak with the main lemur on the drum at least 10 times consecutively to get food. Note: You can do this only two times.

Bird Flying arcade mini-game:
While playing on level 3, go in the right subway entrance. You will find the arcade games.

Easy coins:
Get 30 coins, then enter to the Zoovenir Shop. Buy the Coin Magnet, which will magnet the coins to you. In Stage 3 with Gloria, hit 30 cars to get 15 coins.

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