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Midnight Club 2 - XBOX

Midnight Club 2 - XBOX
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Cheat mode

Highlight "Options Mode" at the main menu. Press Down to highlight "Options: ", then press Left or Right until "Options: Cheat Codes" appears. Press A. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive cheat codes. Then, highlight "Accept" and press A.All Cars and Levels in Arcade and LiveGo to the cheat menu and type in hotwired exactly like that. (Warning: I've heard from other XBOX Live members that it did not work on their console. I have a newer XBOX and it works just fine, but also i tried it on my friends, which he bought when XBOX came out, and it worked fine too!)

Other Cheats

bigbrother - most dedicated statusgreasemonkey - all car abilitieszoomzoom4 - unlimited nitrotheworldismine - all arcade locationshowfastcanitbe0 - howfastcanitbe9 - game speed set the number from 0-9 just like the code below

Change Difficulty Level

If the game is too hard and you cant beat this race then go to options & find the cheat menu then enter howhardcanitbe(0-9) 9 is the hardest & 0 will be the easiest.


No Rider

Ok first get a bike. Then crash the bike and make your rider fall off. Once the rider is off, hit start. Then unpause it. You will have no rider on your bike! May take a couple tries.

Ghost rider

This works on career mode and multiplayer mode, but if you have unlocked the Cohette which is the motorcycle, go to any one of those modes and chose the Cohette as your vehicle. Then if or when you crash press start and wait a couple of seconds and then go to continue race. Instead of a guy with a helmet on your bike you will have an invisible ghost rider

Drive with a completely wrecked car

Just blow yourself up and pause it before the game resets you. Now unpause. Your car's components will now be as bashed up they can be just like if you blew up. Doing this also keeps you from blowing up as easily, a real help in races. To get your original car back, simply either run into a gas pump or start the race over. This cheat should work in all modes.

Get Motorcycle

Beat 5 motorcycles in a long race

LAPD cop car

beat all 5 L.A. arcade circuit races

Paris cop car

beat all 6 Paris arcade circuit races

Tokyo cop car

beat all 7 Tokyo arcade circuit races

Rocket car(batman's car)

100% game completion - fastest car in the game

More Cars

Once you enable the Get all Cars code go to the editor mode to use 4 other cars. These cars are the 3 cop cars from Tokyo, Paris and LA and also a rocket car called the SLF450X. It has 5 shots of nitrous and tops out at 249.

Best Car

To get the best car in the game you have to beat the world champ in all the different tracks to unlock the Veloci.

Best Car

Easy way to the best car (SFL450x) is to go to the cheats screen and type howhardcanitbe0 exactly like I wrote it Then beat career mode and all the arcade circuit tracks to unlock the Best car in the game Note: Looks like the BATMAN car you won't be disappointed

Get The Two Wheel Drive

First start the career and beat all the levels until you get to the level in Cal. or L.A. and then when you VS. DICE and after you beat him you will unlock 2 wheel drive.
2 Wheel Drive is mostly used to squeeze between 2 cars. How to control it is to hold L1 and on the analog stick press left or right. Let go of L1 and you'll drop

NOS boost

Push the up button

Cop cars

Beat all circuit races in arcade mode

( beat all circuit races in L.A., you get the L.A. cop car, so on with Paris and Tokyo

Get Cop Cars The Easy Way

To get the cop, you have to go to arcade mode and change it to circuit. After that you pick a track for circuit (LA will give you thee LA cop Paris Will give you the Paris cop and Tokyo will give you the Tokyo cop. The Tokyo cop is the best.) After you have picked the track beat circuit races 1-5 for LA 1-6 for Paris and 1-7 for Tokyo. If you want it to be easier put in the codes to make it the easiest and the code to get the guns and rockets so you can blow up the racers.

Get Your First motor cycle

Beat Gina 3 times in career mode. you'll get it your first motor cycle. That is how you get your first motor cycle.

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