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NBA 2K7 - XBOX en Favori.

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Go into the features menu and select codes.

Password - Result:
norest - Unlimited Stamina for one game
ironman - Maximum Durability for one game
topps2ksports - Topps 2K Sports All-Stars
payrespect - ABA ball

New Alternate Road Uniforms:
In the 'Features' section of the main menu go to codes and select 'new code' to input these codes

Password - Effect:
bcb8sta - New Bobcats Road Uniform
zjb3lau - New Jazz Road Uniform
nrd4esj - New Nets Road Uniform
zw9idla - New Wizards Road Uniform

Recommended team:
The Seattle Supersonics may be the best team in the game. They are dominant and have three players who can all make 3-pointers: Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, and Luke Ridnour. It is possible to take about 45 to 50 threes on average per game with them. Ignore the bad rating on the main menu

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