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NCAA Football 2004 - XBOX

NCAA Football 2004 - XBOX
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Get Classic Teams

Beat the College Classic Games

Get Stadiums & Cheat

Finish different levels of your EA Sports BIO to get the item indicated

One way to grow the bio is after you create a EA Sports Bio leave the game running and you will log hours to grow your Bio.

Level 2 - Get Rose Bowl Pennant & unlock Stadium

Level 4 - get Butter Fingers Pennant & Unlock Cheat

Level 8 - Get Orange Bowl Pennant & unlock stadium

99 Ratings

First you have to know what team you are going to pick. Then go to Rosters then go to View/edit players Click any player go to ratings make him as strong as you want. NOTE: You can not do this in Dynasty mode.


Hold L Trigger and

A- Heisman pose
X- Taunt the crowd
B- Spike the ball
Y- Flex your muscles

Hold R Trigger and
A- Throws the ball into the crowd
B- Kicks the ball into the crowd
X- Dunks the ball
Y- Punches the ball and camera spins

Easy Defense

If you want an unbeatable defense you should use the dog 2 play in the dime formation. Bring your MLB to the side with no tight end or pick a side if theirs is a tight end. Then just line up and run in on every play the QB will either throw it away of get sacked almost every play.

Easy EA Bio Growth

Once you create an EA Sports Bio, just leave the system on with the game running, and you will log hours to grow the levels of your EA Sports Bio.

Five Year Plan

It is possible to get five full years of eligibility for any of your players in dynasty mode. Begin by recruiting a player but do not redshirt him during freshman year.

Now before you end the season go to your rosters and use "Formation Subs" to sub the player into as many formations as you will want to use him in the next year.

Advance to the new season after doing all the normal off-season tasks. Go to the "Preseason Options" menu. Redshirt the player that you formation subbed. Exit the menu, set up your schedule and start playing.

The player that you redshirted will be in all the formations that you subbed him into. He will not appear on the depth chart and you will not be able to sub him into any other positions, but you will be able to use him and build up stats. So, when he is done with his redshirt season he will be a RS Sophomore but have played for two years with three more years possible (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) for a total of five years of eligibility.

SMU vs. BYU easier

In the College Classic Mode, make the SMU Vs. BYU game much easier by turning off penalties in the Pause Menu. This way, you can kick very short onside kicks (which are easier to recover) and not get penalized.

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