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NFL Blitz 2003 - XBOX

NFL Blitz 2003 - XBOX
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Various Cheats

Use the buttons L, R, and A to changethe icons below the helmets on the versus screen. The numbers below show howmany times to press each button.  After that press the D pad in thedirection indicated.  Example Clear Weather code press L, R, R, A, A, A, Dpad Right
CheatPress L2, R2, X 
More time after plays0-0-1 Right
No CPU assistance (requires 2 player agreement)0-1-2 Down
See more field(requires 2 player agreement)0-2-1 Right
Get  Big feet0-2-5 Left
Get Big shoulders0-2-5 Right
Get Chimp mode0-2-5 Up
Get Classic NFL Blitz ball0-3-0 Left
Get Chrome ball0-3-0 Left
Fast running speed0-3-2 Left
Get Indians team0-4-5 Left
Get Super blitzing0-5-4 Up
Tourney mode in two team game1-1-1 Down
Get Super field goals1-2-3 Left
Clear weather1-2-3 Right
Get Cowboys team1-3-5 Left
No punting1-4-1 Up
Extra Big Head ball carrier1-4-5 Left
Big head for ball carrier2-0-0 Right
Big head for team2-0-3 Right
No first downs2-1-0 Up
Allow stepping out of bounds2-1-1 Left
More code entry time2-1-2 Right
Always QB (two humans on team)2-2-2 Left
Always receiver (two on team)2-2-2 Right
Ground fog2-3-2 Down
Fast passes2-4-0 Left
Midway team2-5-3 Right
Rollos team2-5-4 Up
Bilders team3-1-0 Up
Smart CPU teammates3-1-4 Down
No target receiver highlight3-2-1 Down
Noftle mode3-2-5 Up
Extra offense plays3-3-3 Down
Neo Tokyo team3-4-4 Down
More fumbles3-4-5 Up
Showtime mode3-5-1 Right
No interceptions3-5-5 Up
Crunch Mode team4-0-3 Right
Power-up offense4-1-2 Up
Unlimited turbo4-1-5 Up
Power-up defense4-2-1 Up
Brew Dawgs team4-3-2 Down
Gsmers team5-0-1 Up
Power-up linemen5-2-1 Up
No random fumbles(requires 2 player agreement)5-2-3 Down
Armageddon team5-4-3 Right
No replays5-5-4 Right
Snowy weather5-5-5 Left
Rainy weather5-5-5 Right

Get Other Players

Use the following ID and pin's

BEAR  1985
CLOWN  1974
COWBOY  1996
DEER  1997
EAGLE  1981
HORSE  1999
INDIAN  1992
LION  1963
PINTO  1966
PIRATE  2001
RAM  2000
RAVEN  2001
TIGER  1977
VIKING  1977

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