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Sonic Riders - XBOX

Sonic Riders - XBOX
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100 rings in Egg Factory:
Go past the part where you get blown into the air by a vent. You should see a machine with spinning cocoon-like objects. Go inside of it to find a capsule with 100 rings.

100 rings in Red Canyon:
When you get to the waterfall at the end of the stage, look to your left. You will see a ring box that holds 100 rings that will go into your bank and give you a level 3 Boost and Attack.

4D Unlockable characters:
To unlock E-10000G and E-10000R please read the following:

E-10000G: Play for 20 hours
E-10000R: Play for atleast 50 hours

Automated trails:
To use automated trails effectively, wait for the Analog-stick spinning part to begin. When you spin it, it fills your air gauge. However if you keep spinning it beyond that, the speed meter will go faster up to a certain point.

Avoid losing speed in Egg Factory:
Instead of losing speed when hitting the lava, boost through it to keep your velocity.

Bonus characters:
Complete the Hero storyline to unlock Shadow The Hedgehog, Rouge The Bat, and Cream The Rabbit. Complete the Babylon storyline to unlock Eggman. Complete Storm's, Wave's, and Jet's missions to unlock AiAi, Ulala, and NiGHTS.

Accumulate over fifteen hours of game play time to unlock E-10000G. Accumulate over fifty hours of game play time to unlock E-10000R.

Speed up your dial-up connection by up to 5 times

Bonus gear:
Complete the Hero storyline to unlock Shadow's Darkness jet shoes, Rouge's Temptation board, and Cream's Smile board. Complete the Babylon storyline to unlock Sonic's Blue Star II board, Eggman's Egg-Rider scooter, and the Magic Carpet. Note: When you get the Magic Carpet the description reads The ancient legendary gear!. However, it also has the ability to make anyone who rides it have the flying skill. Complete Storm's, Wave's, and Jet's missions to unlock the Hang-On gear, Opa Opa gear, Super Hang-On gear, and The Crazy gear.

Bonus missions:
Complete the Hero storyline to unlock Storm's missions. Complete Red Canyon or Night Chase in the Babylon storyline to unlock Wave's missions. Complete Storm's and Wave's missions (including the Sega Carnival and Sega Illusion tracks) to unlock Jet's missions.

Bonus modes:
Complete the Hero storyline to unlock Mission mode, Babylon storyline, and the ability to buy skates at the shop.

Bonus music:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding music track under the Audio Room option:

Catch Me If You Can: Complete the Babylon storyline.
Theme of Babylon Garden: Complete Hero storyline.
Theme of Digital Dimension: Complete Babylon storyline.
Theme of Sega Carnival: Unlock the Sega Carnival track.

Bonus tracks:
Win the Heroes Cup with a Gold Emblem to unlock the Sega Carnival track. Win the Babylon Cup with a Gold Emblem to unlock the Sega Illusion track.

Defeating Babylonian God:
To defeat this Boss, play as Sonic. He has three lives. To catch him, get a good head start. He is very quick. Do not make a mistake or it will take awhile to catch up. When you start, you must catch up to him using the turbulence streams and the grind rails. It helps to make quick work of him. Also, use the ramps and try to perform as many tricks as possible, but do not take any unnecessary risks. When you start getting close to him, use your boost to go through the lamp-like object below him, and he will let out a cry. Then the stage will look like a digital place for a period of time. After it returns to normal, repeat the process. Once you deliver the third strike, it will quickly turn into a race. If you are near the finish line, use the turbulence and your boosts at any costs. When you win you will see an intermission sequence showing what the legendary treasure really is.

Faster boosts and stronger attacks:
Depending on what level your attacks are, they will last for a longer time and have a paralyzing effect. At level 1, you will have a short boost and weak attacks; and no paralyzing. At level 2, you will have a medium sized boost and stronger impact on enemies; and short Paralysis. At level 3, you will have the longest sized boost and a powerful paralyzing attack on your enemies.

Random character selection:
At the character selection screen, press R.

Shortcut in Babylon Garden:
Go past the first ramp and first turn and you will see boosters. Ride into one and you will see a small ramp. Make sure your jump is at maximum without slowing down, and hold the Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you will ride the turbulence that will shortly be created by a jet. Another shortcut is near the end of the track. When you see the end of the turbulence created by the jet, you will see a ramp. Go forward and make your jump maximum without slowing down, and hold the Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you will cut half of the automated trail and reach the top faster.

Shortcut in Green Cave:
When you see the first ramp near the end of the stage, get your jump to maximum height without slowing down. Make sure you are going at maximum speed and hold the Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you will hit three spider webs and cut off part of the track.

Shortcut in Metal City:
When you get to the first ramp, try to get your jump at maximum without slowing down, and hold the Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you will be on a platform in the air. Alternately, go past the first ramp. Just as you hit the ground, ride someone's turbulence and do a jump off it. If done correctly, you will hear a glass breaking sound and be on the platform.

Shortcut in Metal City at night:
At the beginning of the race, go as fast as possible. Then, get the highest jump possible without going any slower. Also you can do one trick but it is easy to make a mistake; do not attempt it unless you are skilled at angles. If done correctly, you will have jumped on a platform that leads through a small part of the stage. The Power attribute is best here, because there are many obstacles unless you are skilled at dodging.

Shortcut in Red Canyon:
There is a nice shortcut that can only be used by flying characters. When you get to the first river stream with the waterfall ahead, go past the speed and power signs. There will be a path you can take to go forward or left. Go forward and turn left to see a booster. Get on it and do not turn left or right. You will then see three big looking rings (accelerators) and you will be taken to the Ferris wheel-looking object in a short amount of time.

Shortcut in Sand Desert:
There is a straight shortcut that only power characters can use. When the race begins, you will be in the desert. Go straight ahead to the big coin-looking object and travel through it. You will be underground and be propelled in the air at the end of the tunnel. At this point you can do tricks. When you fall, you will be in front of the next ramp. The second shortcut is when you enter a place that looks like an ancient temple. Go straight ahead and knock the big rocks out of your way. The last shortcut requires perfect timing. When you go past the rocks you will see giant stone soldiers. One of them will be discolored (darker). Airslide into it and you will break through. Any other statue except that can not be broken.

Shortcut in Splash Canyon:
While playing as Tails in level 2 of the Hero storyline, there is a shortcut in a waterfall. After you make the first jump, when you are turning around the bend there is a waterfall. If you go through the beginning of it, you will find a fly kicker and accelerators.

Theater movies:
Complete the indicated storyline to unlock the corresponding movie under the Theater option:

Movie 1: Complete the Hero storyline.
Movie 2: Complete the Babylon storyline.
Movie 3: Complete the Final storyline.

Trick sets:
Each character has three sets of tricks that can be done. To see all three sets you must use the skates, boards, and motorcycles.

To use turbulence effectively, wait for it to appear and ride on it. After you see arrows on the side, move towards it to gain speed and air. Also, it is an effective way to get in position to pass and hit an opponent.

Voice announcer:
While playing as Shadow, perform a few tricks. If you listen closely, you can hear the announcer say She has made a perfect landing! or She landed perfectly and has taken advantage of the speed boost.

Wrong dialogue:
Before the Dark Desert race, there is an intermission sequence showing Storm holding a chip-looking object. When everyone starts to read it, Storm will say It's about the Babylon treasure from our ancient ancestors., but it reads It's about the Babylonian treasure from our ancient ancestors.

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