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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - XBOX

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - XBOX
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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - XBOX en Favori.

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Cheat Codes:
Enter these codes at the Options screen.


XUCPHRAUnlimited Health
KAIBURRUnlimited Lives
KORRIBANStory Missions Unlocked
BELSAVISFaster Regeneration of Health/Force
COMLINKAll Movie Clips Unlocked
JAINAAll Jedi Force Powers/Moves
ZABRAKAll Duelists Unlocked
TANTIVEIVAll Duel Arenas Unlocked
AAYLASECURAAll Concept Art Unlocked
NARSHADDAAAll Bonus Missions Unlocked
071779Tiny Droids Mode
021282All MP & Bonus Levels
GENUSISAll Movies Unlocked

Clone Walkers:
In the level Attack of The Clones, you will face the challenging Clone Walkers. There is not many of them, but if you're not careful, you will loose a vast amount of health. The best and quickest way to defeat them is a Dodge Attack. Hold down the [L] button to block. When they are about to charge at you, jump to the side with the [A] button and then press and hold [X] to perform the Dodge Attack. If done properly, you'll defeat the CW in one hit and without getting harmed.

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