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TOCA Race Driver 3 - XBOX

TOCA Race Driver 3 - XBOX
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TOCA Race Driver 3 - XBOX en Favori.

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All FMV sequences:
Enter R4XM651GCWVJJ as a code [bonus code 1027].

Bonus championships:
Enter 9BDLAD4ETGQ77 as a code [bonus code 2945].

Enter X78YU8VLFXB1G as a code [bonus code 2945].

Choosing your own bonus code:
Use the following trick to change your bonus code. For example, if you want to use the cheats for 5205 but your number is different. Delete your game file from your hard drive, then reload the game. You will have a new bonus code. Repeat this process until you get the desired number.

Honda Tournament:
Enter everything as a code [demo version].
Enter Q5QC6HTKTWP1B as a code [bonus code 1027].
Enter X4K7T2DPL7VU5 as a code [bonus code 5205].
Enter Q2MH3669N7859 as a code [bonus code 7510].
You can also successfully complete World Tour mode.

Invincible cars:
Enter 6H61G288KBVP5 as a code [bonus code 2945].

Michael Andretti's 2003 IRL car
Enter Michael Andretti as a code.
The codes for this game will only work for the corresponding game's bonus code.

Richard Petty's stock car
Enter Richard Petty as a code.

Slot racer
Enter HXDDAWA94C3B4 as a code [bonus code 2945].

Toy car
Enter E1WNYA9YW3K25 as a code [bonus code 2945].

Enter GP7AYU2VPK311 as a code [bonus code 1027].
Enter A0AERR56V7TF4 as a code [bonus code 2945].

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