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Tennis Masters - XBOX

Tennis Masters - XBOX
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Big Tennis Ball

Go with Wisler and when the ball comes to you hit the A,X,black,white buttons, and in your next game you will have a giant tennis ball.

Get points easily

To get points really easy all you have to do is get really close to the net and aim the ball downwards after having a rally. Most of mthe time your opponent will miss

Return ace every time

To get a return ace every time you need to know how to do a do a dropshot all you have to do is hold down while pressing X ...practice that for a while... when you have the dropshot down practice doing the dropshot off of somebody's serve... when you have that down pat you need to practice your angle dropshot you do that by pointing the directional stick to the bottom left or bottom right...practice that for a longer amount of time...when you have that down pat do it against somebody's serve hit the directional dropshot to the side that your opponet is on and the will hit it in the net or lob it for you to put away every time

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