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Transworld Snowboarding - XBOX

Transworld Snowboarding - XBOX
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Transworld Snowboarding - XBOX en Favori.

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Various Cheats

Use these cheats in the option menu cheats

JORMA -- Get All Boards
ELOKUVAT -- Get All Reward Videos
AAKASE -- Get All Levels
WE COME FROM KOCMOC -- Get After Dark Level
PUKEA -- Get Second Outfits
TURSKA -- All Single Session modes
SULE -- All levels locked

How to unlock Bails FMV

Use 2 characters to finish the game with a 100% completion percent

Get After Dark Level

Use 1 characters to finish the game with a 100% completion percent

Get New Outfit

Use 1 characters to finish the game with a 95% completion percent

New character (el presedente)

Complete all goals with 4 characters

Second wipeout video

Complete all the goals with 6 characters

New board for El Presedente (park board)

Complete all the goals with 6 charecters

Higher jump meters

Hold "a" and "x" and hold left or right on the joystick to receive more jump meters than just trying to nail tricks.

Faster speed boost

Hold the 'a' and 'x' button simultaneously instead of just 'x' for faster speed boost.

Mega Air

Enter in "MR AIR" into the cheats section of the options menu
Submitted by Kyle

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