Bahamut Lagoon

Note: This is a HTML adaptation of a Guide to Bahamut Lagoon, authored by Kefka the Dark One. Inapplicable material has been omitted.

A small little guide to the Area surroundings in Bahamut Lagoon.

Part 1: Pages 40 to 41 in the manual
(From the top of Page 40 down) Area conditions changing and hazards.

Description: All sorts of kinds... Brown, blue, carpets, glass, etc.
Hazard: No
Changeable: No.
Used against enemies: No
Quick reference: That itself is your playing field. Where you can move around, when you are in your turn and you highlight the first option* (* sometimes change) the highlighted part is where you character can walk for this round.

Description: Cone shaped things sticking out of the ground.
Hazard: Yes, if you rest your team on them. If walked upon, no.
Changeable: Yes, when in doubt cast Lighting! That will break them!
Used against enemies: Yes, often the heroes might put them in a situation that there is no way to avoid stepping on them.
Quick reference: Stay clear of them when resting your party, also try not to be a square away from them, for your Dragon might land on them...ouch....

Treasure Box
Description: A Purple box, that well looks like a Chest
Hazard: Sometimes enemies will hide gas, spikes, etc. Watch out.
Changeable: Yes, when opened; at other times, no.
Used against enemies: No.
Quick reference: The way to open them is to get your Character to stand and rest on them. Beware.

Description: Green Not High grass (is not high in picture, often looks like a Forest).
Hazard: Low grass: No/high grass: sometimes
Changeable: LG: NO/HG: Yes, when set ablaze
Used against enemies: LG: no/HG: yes.
Quick reference: Low grass is just a foreground stuff, harmless. High grass or Forests can be set on fire by any Fire-like spell. When resting on the flames you and enemies will lose a large amount of HPs. Trick them onto grass then set it ablaze. Bahamut Dragon is good at that since he has long range attacks.

Description: A light brown bridge, wooden/there are other types too.
Hazard: YES!!!! (Especially if your characters are on it while a Thunder spell hits.)
Changeable: Yes, drop it and the bridge is "out".
Used against enemies: Yes. Use the Thunder spell.
Quick reference: There are many kinds bridges. Be careful when throwing Lightning spells around. If you hit a bridge with YOUR characters and it's over a Pit or something high, they will be lost. However, if you hit a bridge with your enemies they go plummeting...

Description: Sandy yellow ground.
Hazard: Yes, if you stay in the desert for to many rounds.
Changeable: No.
Used against enemies: Yes, and you as well.
Quick reference: Thank goodness you only fight a desert battle once. After about ten rounds, your (and your enemies'), HPs will start to fall. Well, at least you do not suffer alone. Enemies will be damaged as well.!

Description: Not too detailed white lines on grass, etc.
Hazards: No
Changeable: Yes, set a lighting or Fire spell I think.
Used against enemies: No
Quick reference: Useless but fun to break up!

Description: White colored "locks" that keep water out of brown sectors.
Hazard: Yes
Changeable: Yes.
Used against enemies: Yes.
Quick reference: In one battle you will see more than 80% of your enemies in a brown sector. If you come up to the top and have a character rest on the Dam, it will break and spew water on the victims below!!! Just watch out for your characters.

Description: Blue liquid that moves just a little.
Hazard: Yes, if dropped into it.
Changeable: Yes, by casting an Ice spell upon water it will freeze.
Used against enemies: Yes, the characters might create bridges and also block them.
Quick reference: The stuff is mostly there to form bridges to cross, or to drop your enemies.

Shallow Water
Description: Water that has a few rocks sticking out, often near fallen bridges.
Hazard: No.
Changeable: Sometimes, cast Ice
Used against enemies: No.
Quick Reference: Just there when a bridge falls. Sometimes it can be Iced, other times not.

Part 2: Top of page 41 and onward in the manual
Description: Blue and white frozen water.
Hazard: Only if you are on it and they cast a Fire spell.
Changeable: Yes, cast fire
Used against enemies: Maybe, with Fire.
Quick Reference: You can use the iced water as a Trap to lure enemies to a watery grave, or you can use it as a bridge, cast ice and you will be able to cross water.

Description: Brown and lumpy; can not be crossed.
Hazard: Not really, just blocks you.
Changeable: Yes, cast Thunder spell!
Used against enemy: You can herd them to a closed off section then have the dragons eat em alive!
Quick reference: The mountains are passable, if you thunder them to kingdom come! In one level a clever way to avoid most attacks is to have you group split in two. Have both use Lightning attacks to burrow your way through. Once at the top, hit the Boss!

Ripped Mountain side
Description: looks like it was leveled by a bulldozer. Brown looking.
Hazard: No.
Changeable: No.
Used against enemies: You can do short cuts to them, or they can come to you.
Quick reference: this is how the ground looks after you Bolt it one good!!

Lava holes
Description: Holes that are red.
Hazard: YES!!!
Changeable: Unknown.
Used against enemies: Yes.
Quick reference: These are like the fires in the forest. Gives both you and your enemies and dragons a hot foot.

Description: Looks like Lava holes... minus the brown.
Hazard: Unknown.
Changeable: Almost everything will fall to a Lightning spell!
Used against enemy: Blocks
Quick reference: I think these act like blockers.

Burned out grass
Description: barren and brown after your fire burns out.
Hazard: No
Changeable: No
Used against enemy: No
Quick reference: Just more special effects

Land's end
Description: The end of the island.
Hazard: No.
Changeable: No.
Used against enemy: They cannot escape.
Quick reference: Really another good effect, but it will also block you and your enemies. You can not fall off.

Description: Castle like walls.
Hazard: No, just blocks.
Changeable: Yes.
Used against enemies: No.
Quick reference: Cast Lightning spells and crumble the walls. Once broken, your enemies sacred area is breached. Give 'em hell!

Town squares/healing places
Description: Looks like a fountain in the middle of a road. White, often looks like a small tower. Enemies may be at rest on them...
Hazard: Yes and no.
Changeable: Yes, by Lightning spells.
Used against enemies: Yes and no.
Quick reference: It heals you when you rest your group on it... but also heals the enemies that rest on it...

Description: Bronze colored cannon.
Hazard: Yes.
Changeable: Yes, Lightning spell!!!
Used against enemies: They are controlling it!!
Quick reference: When your party rests at least from one to four blocks in front of it, the cannon will probably attack. Hit it with Lighting before it gets a chance.

Description: White domain.
Hazard: No.
Changeable: Yes. Kill those humans with Lightning.
Used against enemies: No.
Quick reference: None.

Broken healing tower
Description: A white tower that's crumbled.
Hazard: Not any more.
Changeable: No.
Used against enemies: No
Quick reference: A Lightning spell just fried a place where you could have healed your wounds.

Puddles of ooze
Description: Green and dark. Found in caves also in upper ground forest like places.
Hazard: Yes! POISON!
Changeable: Yes.
Used against enemies: Yes, but heals poison eaters.
Quick reference: You do not want to get into that slime. Best way to deal with water like that is to cast a Cure or Heal! The water changes so you can walk on it.

Poison 2 (see Puddles of ooze)

Description: Blue and white.
Hazard: No.
Changeable: No.
Used against enemies: No
Quick reference: More effects.

"Endless" pits
Description: Black and near edges.
Hazard: Yes.
Changeable: No.
Used against enemies: Yes.
Quick reference: The only way to fall or drop someone is to break a bridge....

Burning forest
Description: Parts of land on fire.
Hazard: Yes!
Changeable: Yes, cast an Ice spell on it.
Used against enemies: Yes.
Quick reference: Hot foot for you, enemies, and Dragons...Cool off with an Ice spell.

Slightly sizzling burned out fire
Description: Brownish area with little flicks of fiery light.
Hazard: Unknown.
Changeable: Ice.
Used against enemies: Unknown.
Quick reference: None

Description: Varies.... Gargoyles and wall planted statues or busts...
Hazard: Yes!!
Changeable: Lightning!
Used against enemies: No
Quick reference: They are like the Cannons.

. . .
Description: Anything with the ". . . " on it instead of Kanji (Japanese).
Hazard: Sometimes.
Changeable: Sometimes.
Used against enemies: Sometimes.
Quick reference: It can be just about anything...from some hidden enemies to just background...

Hidden pits and trap doors (not in manual)
Description: looks like a lot of things... Different colored carpets with a long line in the middle, anything within eye shot of a switch.
Hazard: Yes.
Changeable: Yes.
Used against enemies: Yes.
Quick reference: Like the Bridges...often instead you must throw a switch to open it...

Switches (not in manual)
Description: Looks like anything switchable.
Hazard: Yes, if your characters are on a pit about to open.
Changeable: Yes, after pressing.
Used against enemies: Yes, if on a pit.
Quick reference: Use them like a Treasure chest... Rest party on it.