K  u  s  a  n  a  g  i       K y o
      --|---|--    --|---|--     ----+----
       +-----+     /-, +-+-       +-----+
       |-----|      |  |-|-       |     |      
       +-----+     -|- |-|-       +-----+
      ----|----    / \ +-+-       /  J  \
  "Kusanagi Flames, Yagami Tears, Orochi Blood"

Dragonball Z 3: Super Butoden (Legendary Battle) FAQ
By Kyo Kusanagi

Basic fighting Rules/Techniques
F-forward, Ba-back, U-up, D-down, DF-Down forward, DB-Down back, 
UB-Up back, UF-Up forward, L-Left (keypad), R-Right (keypad)

Basic attacks:
Y Button-Punch
B Button-Kick
A Button-Energy Bolt
X Button-Transfer from Lower/Upper fighting levels
F-Walk/Float forward
B-Back up/Float back/Standing Block
DB-Lower block
R Button-Dash Right
L Button-Dash Left
Y Button + B Button-Charge Power meter

Throwing is slightly different than in DBZ2; in order to throw your 
opponent, you must lean into them for about half a second before 
hitting Y to throw them.  This makes it somewhat more difficult to 
throw; you must catch your opponent off-guard to do so.

Nullifying/Reversing a throw:
If you are thrown, you can land safely without damage or even 
counterattack with the R and L buttons.  To land, you must hit the R 
or L button twice, depending on which direction you are being 
thrown.  You must press the button corresponding to the direction 
you are being thrown.  That is, if you are being thrown to the right, 
you would hit the R button twice, and vice versa if you were being 
thrown to the left.  To counterattack when thrown, you also have to 
hit the R or L button twice, only you press the button opposite the 
direction in which you are being thrown.
NOTE: Timing is critical when you want to stop a throw; you must key 
in the L or R buttons the moment you are grabbed.  

One of the most major changes in the combat system between DBZ3 
and the earlier DBZ games is the addition of a grappling mode.  When 
both character dash at each other at the same time and meet while 
still dashing, they grab each others' hands in a grappling stance.  If 
neither character does anything, the two characters will jump apart 
after a few seconds.  However, if you execute your special grappling 
move while in this stance you will execute an attack.  The grappling 
move is the same for every character: DF-UB + Y.  If you are in the 
air when you execute your grappling moves it will merely be a 

Energy attacks:
All energy attacks are executed with the A button, (except the 
energy attacks used within the "Super Meteo Attacks")
and all energy attacks require power.  
To charge your power meter, hold the Y and B buttons.  Your character will
flare with energy and your power meter will increase. Powercharging is MUCH
faster than in Dragonball Z 2. Beware; you are vulnerable to enemy 
attacks while charging.  If you use an energy attack that you do not 
have enough power to use, you will still throw it, but afterwards will 
be stunned for a short time until your power meter can charge to a 
non-negative level.  While the standard energy bolt takes a 
practically unnoticable amount of power on your meter, if you try 
and throw it too many times in a row you will be stunned, regardless 
of how much power you have.

Each character has two Super-blasts.  When executed from a far 
distance from the other character, the split in the screen will 
disappear and the attacking character will fire a huge blast.  The 
screen will then split to the target character, who then has four 
means of stopping the attack by keying in special movements.  The 
time allotted to input the movement depends on the distance the 
attacker is away from the defender. You can guage the distance by looking
at the thickness of the line that splits the screen. If it is a thin line,
then you will perform the distant Superblast, if it is thick, then you will
perform the close one.
If the attack is thrown from a relatively close distance, it can be blocked
like any other normal attack. Note in this game fireballs don't 'track' like
in Dragonball Z 2. In addition, it doesn't freeze the game so you can be
knocked out of it.
The four methods of stopping a blast are:

Guard:  B + A button.
The defender shields him/herself with their arms, reducing the 
damage done by the blast by 50%.

Hajiku (repel): B, DB, D + A button
The defender uses their arms to stop the blast and then deflect it 
away, reducing the damage done by the attack to 25% of the full 
damage of the blast.  If you make a mistake while entering the move 
often your character will stop the blast but it will then blow up in 
your face, doing 100% of the damage of the blast.  If you make such a 
mistake you can prevent it from exploding, however.  Once you stop 
the attack, hit buttons as fast as you can and often the blast will be 
deflected anyway.

Kakikesu (disperse): F, B, F + A button
The defender emits an invisible ki-shield which totally disperses the 
attack.  The defender takes no damage from the blast but his/her 
Power meter is reduced.

Uchikaesu (Counterattack): D, DB, B, F + A button
The defender fires a blast of his/her own, stopping the attacker's 
blast halfway.  Then, they have what I call a "blast duel."  Whoever's
blast is stronger overpowers the other and continues towards his
target.  If you lose a "blast duel," you can use a Guard to reduce the
damage but you cannot Hajiku or Kakikesu the blast.
The outcome of a "blast duel" is determined upon who can hit the A 
button the fastest.  Whoever hits the A button 50 times first wins.  If 
neither side hit the A button 50 times in an 8 second time period, 
whoever hit the button more times in 8 seconds wins.   

Super Meteo Attacks:
These moves are special secret moves that do massive damage, yet take no
energy on the Power meter to execute.  For the most part, they look pretty 
impressive as well.  Furthermore, they can only be executed on the 
lower level of the playing field.  They are usually fairly difficult to 
execute, however, and require a little extra practice before you can 
perform them like any other special move. It is recommended to do the motions
on the joypad slowly, but not TOO slow.

Goku's Neo-Meteo Smash was the only Super Meteo move in DBZ1.
In DBZ2, every character but Cell Junior had a Super Meteo Move.
The Super Meteo Moves have changed somewhat between DBZ2 and DBZ3.
First, there is no way to reduce the damage done by the attack.
Secondly, there is no attack that involves the character on the receiving end  
getting knocked through rocks or smashed into a hole in the ground.  
The Meteo attacks in this game are pretty cool however, as unlike DBZ 2 which
used simple punch-kick combinations to knock opponents through rocks etc.
The attacks in this game make use of fireballs as well. IMHO Vegita's
Galactic Gunfire meteo is the best. Kaioshin and #18 don't have a meteo as
far as I know, if you find one, drop me a line :)

The Battle Option Screen:
To access the options screen, press Start, and then Select during a 
battle. You will then see a screen with five lines. Here is what each 
one does:

Line one: Command
There are three options for this; Normal, Auto, and S-Auto (Semi-
Auto)  If you set this to Auto then your character will fire 
the most powerful energy move that he/she can with the amount of 
power currently in the power meter. Semi-Auto  is similar, 
except that if you deliberately make a move, you can override the 
automatic blast.

Line two: Input direction
This controls the way you input your special moves.
Normally this is set to "Opponent Direction" but you can 
change it to "Facing Right" or "Facing Left."  If you 
change the setting to Facing Right or Left, you will input your special 
moves as if you were always facing that direction.  This option is put 
in for people who have trouble doing special moves from one side or 
the other.

Line 3: Command Help
If you ever forget your character's special moves, you can check 
using this function.  Move down to this option, select the character 
you want by pressing right and left, and then press the A button.  
You will now see a list of your character's special attacks, barring 
his/her Super Combo Moves.  Scroll down the list and you can see 
how to execute the moves.  By the way, you might notice that the 
colors of the numbers differ.  White numbers are physical attacks, 
blue numbers are Ki attacks, and Red numbers are Superblasts.

Line 5: Sound Mode
Use this option to toggle between Monaural and Stereo sound.

Line 6: Radar
Use this option to turn the Battle Radar on or off.

The Characters and their Moves
This is a list of each character and their moves with a short 
description, preceded by a translation of the description of each 
character given in the instruction manual. Future Trunks' description
was taken from the DBZ2 manual. Any move with a * preceeding it is a
Super Blast, any move with ** is the stronger Superblast. A move with a
# preceeding it is their Super Meteo Attack.

Son Goku
No matter how big a pinch he's in, this kind-hearted super fighter
never gives up.  Using his power with no known limits, he defeats 

SlashDown Kick: In the middle of a jump, F-D + B button
Goku will shoot diagonally downwards with his foot out for a fairly 
damaging attack.

Jump Knee Lift: DB-UF + B button
Goku will jump upwards, knee forward.  If his knee connects he will 
follow up with a kick.

Gekiretsurenkyaku: B-DB-D-DF-F + B button
Goku will spin around kicking towards his opponent, for a maximum 
of six hits.

Abisegeri (dash kick):  F-B-F + B Button
Goku will flip over and kick his opponent.  If you are close to your 
opponent you can use this move to switch sides.

Giant Swing (Grappling Maneuver): FD-UB + Y Button
Goku will grab his opponent and swing him around for awhile before 
throwing him.

Renzoku Energy Dan: D-DF-F + A Button
Goku will fire three quick fireballs. Unlike DBZ 2, if the first one hits,
the other 2 are almost guaranteed to hit due to the speed of the shots.

*Kamehame Ha: B-DB-D-DF-F + A button
Goku's trademark technique; after gathering energy in his hands he 
throws it in a huge blast!

*Cho Kamehame Ha: D-DB-B-F + A button
The same as the normal Kamehame Ha except Goku powers up a bit 

#Neo Meteo Smash: B-DB-D-DF-F-UF-U + B Button
Goku beats up on his opponent for awhile before using a Shunkan-
idou (teleport) to behind his victim, and firing a Kamehame Ha at 
him/her.  Note that this is the same motion of the original Meteo 
Smash of DBZ1.

Son Goten
Goku's second son.  Even though he is young he can transform into a
Super Saiyajin.  A small fighter with an unknown hidden potential.

Spinning Cannon: DB-UF + B Button
Goten will spin forward through the air to hinder jumping enemies, 
and can be used to switch sides.

Spike Launcher: Hold B-F + Y button.
Goten will shoot forward, traveling under some higher attacks and 
barrelling into his opponent.

Transliner: F-B-F + B
Goten will dash knee-forward at his opponent.  If his knee connects 
he will follow up with a high kick.

Rolling Bomber:  B-DB-D-DF-F + Y button
Goten will spin his arm around for awhile before dashing forward 
with an uppercut.

Strike Elbow (Grappling Maneuver): DF-UB + Y button
Goten will throw his opponent over his shoulder and follow up with 
an elbow dash.

Renzoku Energy Dan: D-DF-F + A button
The same as Goku's attack of the same name; three quick energy 
bolts in succession.

*Energy Ha: D-DB-D-DF-F + A button
Goten powers energy above his head before shooting a blast palm-

**Kamekame Ha: D-DB-B-F + A button
Goten never could pronounce Kamehame Ha right. This is basically 
the same as Goku's Kamehame Ha.

#Response Rush: B-DB-D-DF-F-UF-U + B Button
Goten will hit his opponent a couple of times before kicking his 
opponent in the air and knocking him/her with a flying headbutt.

Future Trunks
Vegita's son, whose battle sense is excellent.  Loathing Dr Gero's
Artificial Humans, after undergoing severe training, his Super 
Saiyajin ability has finally awakened.

Slash Down Kick: In the middle of a jump, F-D + B Button
Trunks will shoot downwards foot-first for a surprising air attack.

Lightning Dash: D-DF-F + Y button
A series of two punches, a kick, and an uppercut, a good four-hit 
combo, good for dizzying as well.

Bakukenha: Hold B-F + Y Button
Trunks thrusts both palms forward, making himself invincible for a 
second and knocking his opponent back.

Wave Blaster (Grappling Maneuver): DF-UB + Y Button
Trunks knocks his opponent into the air then hits him with an 
energy bolt in midair.

Kakusan Energy Dan:  D-DF-F + A Button
Trunks shoots three energy bolts at once, which cut through any 
other energy attacks, except megablasts, which cancel each other out.

Energy Zan: B-DB-D + A Button
Trunks shoots an energy bolt which runs along the ground or shoots 
to the lower level when shot from the upper level.

*Burning Attack: B-DB-D-DF-F + A Button
Trunks' trademark technique; after making quick hand motions, he 
fires a blast of energy at his opponent.

**Finish Buster: D-DB-B-F + A Button
Trunks gathers a huge energy ball behind his head, then throws it at 
his enemy.

#Tornado Crusher: F-B-D-U + Y Button
Trunks assaults his opponent with a lightning-fast, continuous 
barrage of energy bolts, and then following up with a Slash Down 

Vegita's son.  Trunks is both Goten's best friend and his rival.  He has
an excellent battle sense although it is not as good as his father's.  
Like Goten, he can also transform into a Super Saiyajin.

Splash-sault: D-DF-F + B button
Trunks will do a backflip, kicking his enemy and avoiding certain 

Grand Fall: DB-UF + B button
Trunks will shoot upwards and do a high kick in the air.  If it 
connects, he will follow up with a lower-down knee blow.

Retreat Sobatto: F-B-F + B button
Trunks will jump forwards and spin-kick in the air for a maximum of 
three hits.  Don't ask me what "Sobatto" means, I think it's some kind 
of spin but I'm not sure. If you know contact me :)

Sonic Knuckle: B-DB-D-DF-F + Y button
Trunks dashes forwards and does six quick punches.  You can only 
connect six times if your opponent is dizzy though.

Body Kick (Grappling Maneuver): DF-BU + Y button
Trunks will kick his opponent with several high kicks.

Kakusan Energy Dan: D-DF-F + A button
Trunks shoots three energy bolts that will cut through any other 
energy move except a megablast, which will cancel each other out.

*Kikoha: B-DB-D-DF-F + A Button
After gathering energy behind his back with both hands, Trunks 
brings them forward and emits a large blast.

**Kiaiho: D-DB-B-F + A button
A mini-version of Future Trunks' Finish Buster, Trunks gathers an 
energy ball behind his head and throws it.

#Spirit Rush: F-B-DB-D-U + B
Trunks flips over and kicks his opponent in the head several times 
before hitting them with a Kiaiho.

Evil Vegita
Goku's destined rival.  Obsessed with surpassing Goku, this loner
warrior trains over and over every day. In this game, Vegita has been
possessed by Madoshi Babidi.

Needle Block: DB-UF + B button
Vegita shoots up into the air knee-first to block air attacks.

Super Dash: F-B-F + Y button
A punch, a knee blow, and two kicks make a good combo attack

Driving Elbow: D-DF-F + Y button
Vegita charges forward and elbows his opponent from the other side. 
A good move to confuse your enemy.

Buster Launcher (Grappling Maneuver):  DF-UB + Y button
Not a particularly impressive grappling maneuver, but effective; 
Vegita throws his opponent down on the ground.

Renzoku Energy Dan: D-DF-F + A Button
While almost every Z Fighter can do this move, the undisputed master of
the Renzoku Energy Dan is Vegita. The speed at which he throws the fireballs
is unsurpassed even by Goku. One of his most prominent techniques in the game
though toned-down. Vegita throws three energy bolts in quick succession.

Bakuhatsu Ha (Explosion Wave):  D-U + A Button
Vegita causes a large explosion to emit from the ground, hitting his 
opponent out from under him.

*Big Bang Attack: B-DB-D-DF-F + A Button
Holding one arm forward, Vegita shoots a large ball of energy from 
his palm.

**Final Flash: D-DB-B-F + A Button
Powering-up with his arms outstretched at first, Vegita brings his 
hands together and fires a huge blast of energy at his enemy. With his
new power gained from being possessed, the Final Flash is now stronger than
Goku's Cho Kamehame Ha at it's maximum level.

#Galactic Gunfire: F-DF-D-DB-B-F + Y Button
Vegita knocks his opponent into the air, then keeps them airborne by 
pelting them with energy bolts, then follows up with an uppercut 
and a Big Bang Attack.

Son Gohan
Goku's oldest son.  He both defeated Cell and saved the world.  His
hidden power surpasses even Goku's.

Bakuretsu (Exploding) Punch: F-B-F + Y Button
Gohan charges forward punching, for a maximum total of six hits.

Jet Upper: D-DF-F + Y Button
Gohan charges for a short period of time, and rises into the air with 
an uppercut to stop jumping enemies.

Bukukyaku (Flying Kicks):  In the middle of a jump, F-D + B Button
Gohan shoots downward in midair to hit his opponent with a flurry 
of kicks.

Grand Attack (Grappling Maneuver): DF-UB + Y Button
Gohan knocks his enemy in the air, then knocks him back down on 
the ground with a spike-punch, and follows up with a low kick.

Renzoku Energy Dan: D-DF-F + A Button
Gohan shoots three quick Energy bolts in succession

*Masen-ko: B-DB-D-DF-F + A Button
Gohan's trademark technique; he holds his hands one palm 
behind the other above his head, then fires a large blast from them.

**Kamehame Ha: D-DB-B-F + A button
Identical to Goku's normal Kamehame Ha, but much stronger.

#Gekiretsu Rush: F-DF-D-DB-B-F + B button
Gohan kicks and then punches his opponent twice; another kick 
knocks them away, and Gohan finishes up with a Kamehame Ha.

The ultimate god of all of the Kaios,  Kaioshin came to Earth to stop 
Babidi, who was planning to revive Majin-Buu.

Shirenkyaku (Four Multiple Kicks): B-DB-D-DF-F + B Button
Kaioshin will make four quick successive kicks while moving 

Ugokifuji (Movement Stopper):  Hold B-F + B Button
Kaioshin shoots an invisible bolt of energt from his hands which 
stuns his opponent for a shirt time.

Crazy Rush: Hold B-F + Y Button
Kaioshin unleashes a fury of punches, drawing in any unwary 

Kienjin: F-B-F + Y button
Kaioshin swings his arms around in a circle-punch, causing large 
amounts of damage to an enemy attacking from any direction.

Sukashinage (Grappling Maneuver):  FD-UB + Y
Kaioshin grabs his opponent and throws them down to the ground.

Wave Shock: B-DB-D + A Button
Exactly the same as Future Trunks' Energy Zan, this energy attack 
runs along the ground or can be shot from above onto a lower level.

*Energy Thrust: B-DB-D-DF-F + A Button
Kaioshin powers up energy around his finger, then points and fires 
an energy blast at his opponent.

**Gekiretsushinoho: D-DB-B-F + A Button
After powering up a bit, Kaioshin releases a huge energy blast from 
his palms at his enemy.

Kaioshin has no Super Combo Move that I know of.  If you find one, 
please contact me!

Revived by the evil Madoshi Babidi, the strongest (and most 
disastrous) Majin.   With an infinite, overflowing power, he is a 
threat to every fighter.

Power-sault: D-DF-F + Y Button
Buu sweeps his arms upwards in the air, knocking jumping enemies 
out of the air.

Planet Attack: Hold B-F + Y
Buu pulls himself into a ball and does a quick headbutt-charge at his 

Big Crash: B-DB-D-DF-F + B
After leaping into the air, Majin-Buu bounces up and down on the 
ground, crushing anyone beneath him.

Heavy Press (Grappling Move):  DB-UF + Y Button
Buu jumps towards his enemy and slaps them with both hands 
several times.

Kakusan Energy Dan: D-DF-F + A Button
Buu shoots three bolts at his opponent, cutting through other energy 
attacks and canceling out close megablasts.

Shogekiha: B-F + A Button
Majin-Buu psychically shoots a fast, invisible bolt of energy towards 
his enemy which does a reasonable amount of damage.

*Energy Bullet: B-DB-D-DF-F + A button
After blowing off some steam, (Buu does this a lot) and with a cry of 
"Kirai da!" (I hate you!)  Buu fires a bolt of energy at his enemy.

**Mightiness Boomer: D-DB-B-F + A button
Buu holds his hands forward, powering up a blast, yells "Kiechae!" 
(Literally "disappear" but more like "Go to hell" or "Get out of my 
face") and throws it.

#Buu Buster: B-F-DF-D-U + Y Button
Buu tosses his enemy around for a while above his head, then knocks 
him or her away and throws an Energy Bullet at them.

The very pround, strongest king of the Demon World.  He works for 
Madoshi Babidi.

Lift Upper:  D-DF-F + Y Button
Dabura charges forward a little before punching up in the air.

Beat Fire (Grappling Maneuver): DF-UB + Y Button
Dabura grabs his enemy with one hand and fires five fireballs right 
into their stomach with the other.

Renzoku Energy Dan: D-DF-F + A Button
Like all the other attacks of the same name, Dabura throws three 
energy bolts in quick succession.

Saliva Shoot: B-F + A Button
In the show or manga, this attack would turn his enemy to stone, but 
that would be cheesy in a game. Dabura's spit travels fast to stun 
his enemy for a short period of time.

Sword Cannon: In the middle of a jump B-DB-D + A button
In the air, Dabura uses his sword to shoot an energy bolt diagonally 
downwards at his enemy.

Fire Wall: D-U + A Button
Much like Vegita's Bakuhatsu Ha, this attack forms a blast out of the 
ground in front of Dabura hitting his enemy out from under.

*Death Ball:  B-DB-D-DF-F + A Button
Dabura holds his hand behind him powering up for a bit, the throws 
a large energy ball from his palm at his opponent.

**Shoot Flame: D-DB-B-F + A Button
After powering up a bit, Dabura spits a long trail of flame at his 

#Rushing Sword: B-F-DF-D-U + Y Button
Dabura holds his enemy over his head, slashes them for awhile there 
with his sword, before knocking them away and following up with a 
Shoot Flame.

Artificial Human #18
The Artificial Human who married Kulilin after the Cell Game.  An 
unimaginable amout of speed and power lies within her.

Palm Smash: F-B-F + Y Button
If the first slap hits, #18 will continue to slap her opponent silly, 
then knock them away with a single swipe.

Spike Liner: DB-UF + B button
Charging energy into her leg, #18 shoots into the air with a high kick, 
knocking airborne enemies out of the air.

Triangle Kick: F-B-F + B Button
#18 dashes backwards a little bit, then jumps in the air and shoots 
downward with a double-footed kick.

Hip Attack: D-DF-F + B Button
#18 jumps in the air and attempts to knock her opponent over by 
sitting on them.

Bloody Knee (Grappling Maneuver): DF-UP + Y Button
#18 grabs her opponent and hits them with her knee several times.

Kienzan: D-DF-F + A Button
The closest thing to a tracking attack in the game, the Kienzan will 
follow its opponent, although it *can* miss in this game.

*Energy Ball:  B-DB-D-DF-F + A Button
Powering up her hand by her shoulder, #18 throws a very large 
energy ball at her opponent.

**Energy Wave: D-DB-B-F + A Button
Powering-up both hands behind her head, #18 throws them both 
forward and unleashes a huge energy blast at her opponent.

Like Kaioshin, I know of know Super Combo Move for #18.  Again, if 
you find one, please let me know!

Cheats, Secrets, Etc
As with the past Dragonball Z games, this one also has a shitload of
secret codes and cheats to go with it.

When you first turn on the game and see the faces of Vegita and 
Goku, enter on controller 1 the following sequence:  U, X Button, D, B 
Button, L Button, Y Button, R Button, A Button, U, X Button, D, B 
Button, L Button, Y Button, R Button, A Button.  You should hear a 
"thwish" sound to tell you that the code worked.  After entering this 
code, Future Trunks will be an accessable character.

The rumors of being able to powerjump to a higher Sayajin level are sort-of
true in this game. The only difference is that for Goku he doesn't grow long
hair. These codes are done before the fight starts when the 2 fighters are
talking to each other.
The powerjump level codes are here in order from weakest to strongest.
I think...

Super Sayajin 1
U, L Button, D, R Button: Orange flame
Super Sayajin 2
L, L Button, R Button, R: Blue flame
Super Sayajin 3
D, X Button, U, R Button: Red flame

Super Sayajin 1 MAX
L Button, R Button, U, D, Y Button, X Button, L, R
Super Sayajin 2 MAX
U, L Button, U, R Button, U, Y Button, U, X Button
Super Sayajin 3 MAX
L, R Button, U, X Button, R, Y Button, D, L Button

There are two different turbo speeds you can play at. To access them, 
you must hold down the correct keys on Controller II when you start 
up.  You can let go after Goku and Vegita stop talking.  The globe 
holding the "3" on the title screen will change color if it worked: Blue 
for Turbo speed, and Orange for Super Turbo Speed.

Hold down the X button and the R Button.

Hold down the X button, the R Button, and the L Button.


Translations when you turn on the game.

Vegita: "Shobu da, Kakarotto!"  (It's a duel, Kakarotto!)
Goku: "Koitsu, Vegita!" (Vegita, you bastard!)

Pre-combat dialogues:
As compared to DBZ2, the pre-combat dialogues between characters 
are somewhat lacking.  In DBZ, there were two different dialogues for 
each combination, three different post-battle messages for each 
character, and god-knows-how-many messages after surrendering or 
trying to surrender after having already won.  This is how the 
system in DBZ3 works:

Each character has sets of speeches.  Each set contains four phrases.  
1)  A phrase before the fight starts.  2) A phrase said after winning 
with a large amount of energy remaining.  3) A phrase said after 
winning with neither a large amount or a small amount of energy 
remaining.  4) A phrase said after winning with very little energy 

Each character also has three different sets of speeches.  The first is a 
"standard" set of speeches, said when fighting most of the characters.  
Unfortunately, a lot of these are inappropriate, such as Kaioshin 
talking polite to Dabura and Future Trunks and Gohan being impolite 
to everyone. (Buu and Dabura I understand, Chibi Trunks and Goten 
probably, but Goku, Vegita, and Kaioshin? I doubt it!)

The second is a special set, used when fighting against the character's 
rival from the series.  The "rival matches" are:

Goku vs. Vegita
Goten vs. Trunks (Chibi)
Gohan vs. Dabura
Kaioshin vs. Majin-Buu
Trunks (Future) vs. Artificial Human #18

There is a final third set of speeches, said when the character is 
fighting him or herself.

Note:  As anyone would have to when attempting to translating 
Japanese into English, I took some liberties in the translations.  For 
the most part, I tried to keep it as close to the Japanese original as 
possible, but if a literal translation was too tough or sounded 
ridiculous in English, I fudged a little.  The only way you'll be able to 
*fully* understand what everyone is saying is to learn Japanese.  
Sorry. :)

Abbreviations:  BF=Before fight.  SW= Strong Win (lots of energy left.)  
MW=Medium Win (some energy left)  WW=Weak Win (Little energy 


Set 1: Standard

BF:  OK, Come on!  If it's you I'm fighting I'll do my best!
SW: What, are you done already?  I'm disappointed!
MW: Heheh, I win!
WW: You're good!  That was too close!

Set 2: Goku vs. Vegita

BF: I'm gonna fight at full power, Vegita!
SW: What's wrong, Vegita? Is that all you've got?
MW: Looks like I'm better than you after all!
WW: Phew! You're as good as I expected, Vegita!

Set 3: Goku vs. Goku

BF: Whoa! You really look just like me!
SW: The only similarity between you and me is in appearance!
MW: You really can't imitate me well!
WW: Wow, you're a really dangerous imposter!


Set 1: Standard

BF: OK! I'm gonna do my best!
SW: That's how strong I am!
MW: All right! I win!
WW: Yay! I won, I won!

Set 2: Goten vs. Trunks (Chibi)

BF: Trunks-kun!  Today's the day I beat you!
SW: No, no, Trunks-kun!  You have to fight for real!
MW: Looks like today I really DID beat you!
WW: Huh? I won?.....All right!

Set 3: Goten vs. Goten

BF: Huh?  You look just like me?
SW: Hey!! Phony!! Phony!!
MW: You look the same, but you're weaker than me!
WW: I have to train with big brother more!


Set 1: Standard

BF:  I'll show you the future's Super-Saiyajin power!
SW: Next, come on for real!
MW: I win!
WW: Ugh, I'm still too lax!

Set 2: Trunks vs. Artifical Human #18

BF: I just CANNOT lose to you!
SW: I've been preparing for this!!
MW: I will protect the future!
WW: I have to become stronger!

Set 3: Trunks vs. Trunks

BF: This is weird!  I should be a child in this time period....
SW: You really are a fake, because I'm not nearly that weak!
MW: Go home!  I don't have time to bother with you!
WW: Such strength...could this have actually been me?


Set 1: Standard

BF: Me winning this one is as good as done!
SW: What the-that was quick!  Geez, you're not much to worry about!
MW: OK!! I win!
WW: Don't take me lightly just cause I'm a kid!

Set 2: Trunks vs. Goten

BF: Don't think I'm going to give you an advantage, Goten!
SW: What, Goten, done already? I haven't eve started yet!
MW: I fought for real!  Sorry, Goten! (could be "You suck, Goten" too)
WW: I didn't think you were this strong!

Set 3: Trunks vs. Trunks

BF: I'm cooler than you!!
SW: Come on, do a better job impersonating me!
MW: I got a little excited there, didn't I?
WW: Damn!  I didn't think you could make a fool of me like this!!


Set 1: Standard

BF: Do you think you can win against me?
SW: You're not even worth talking to...
MW: That's really all you've got..
WW: You asshole! I can't believe you could play with me like this!

Set 2: Vegita vs. Goku

BF: It's a duel, Kakarott!
SW: I'm Saiyajin #1!
MW: I win! Kakarott!
WW: Uooh! I finally surpassed Kakarott!!

Set 3: Vegita vs. Vegita

BF: Hmph! So you wanna imitate me!
SW: Ha ha ha! What a fitting end for a fake!
MW: Hmph! Just be thankful you're still alive!
WW: Damned fake...you imitate me even up to my strength?


Set 1: Standard

BF: I'll show you my Super Saiyajin-surpassed strength!
SW: What do you think? I'm much stronger than you!
MW: It looks like I am better than you are!
WW: Phew! That was dangerous! I have to start training over again!

Set 2: Gohan vs. Dabura

BF: I'm the one who's going to defeat you!
SW: What the...your "high and mighty" act is nothing but talk!
MW: I don't stop at destroying evil!
WW: Damn it! You were stronger than I thought?

Set 3: Gohan vs. Gohan

BF: Hey, you can't imitate people well! 
SW: If you're going to imitate me you should be able to hurt me!
MW: Looks like you really can't imitate me, eh?
WW: You're a much better fake than I thought!


Set 1: Standard

BF: This should be a fun fight.
SW: Your moves are still useless.
MW: You're quite strong.
WW: There really are people this strong in the lower world....

Set 2: Kaioshin vs. Majin-Buu

BF: Ma, Majin-Buu...
SW: Now there can be peace!!
MW: I...I won?
WW: Is...is this a dream!!?

Set 3: Kaioshin vs. Kaioshin

BF: .....Please don't get too mad at me!
SW: Come on, get up!!
MW: It looks like that's all you've got.
WW: Phew, I didn't think you would do this well!


Set 1: Standard

BF: What should I turn this guy into to eat?
SW: You're really bad!
MW: You're already finished, bye bye!
WW: That hurt a little!

Set 2: Buu vs. Kaioshin

BF: Kachin!!  I hate you!!  Go to hell!!
SW:  Ka ka ka ka (laughing) OK, OK!
MW: You can't beat me.  Whatever you do, it'll be the same thing.
WW: I don't think you'll be very tasty...but what the hell!!

Set 3: Buu vs. Buu

BF: Ka ka ka ka, you look weird!
SW: You say bad-talk for a weakling.
MW: Ke ke ke ke...Go to hell!!
WW: You may look weird, but I bet you're tasty!!


Set 1: Standard

BF: What? You wanna fight Dabura-sama?
SW: He he he...What trash!
MW: Hmph! Foolish person!!
WW: You made a fool of Dabura-sama like this!!?

Set 2:  Dabura vs. Gohan

BF: (scoff) You don't know what you're up against!
SW: Hey hey hey, aren't you going to defeat me?
MW: There's no way you can stand up to me!
WW: You did better than I thought!

Set 3: Dabura vs. Dabura

BF: There's only enough room for one Demon World King!!
SW: Now you know the power of the true Demon World King!!
MW: Is this how you were going to imitate me?
WW: Looks like at the last moment the difference between the fake 
and the original showed itself!!


Set 1: Standard

BF: I'm gonna take this victory!
SW: Heheh, done already? You're not so tough!!
MW: Looks like you've stopped your worthless effort!!
WW: Don't you try to embarrass me!!

Set 2: #18 vs. Future Trunks

BF: You're an obstinate guy!
SW: I'll play with you again anytime!
MW: You still want to fight!!?
WW: I can't stand your persistance!!

Set 3: #18 vs. #18

BF: Mimicing me? What a joke!
SW: To start with you should study your skills!!
MW: Looks like your disguise has a major flaw.
WW: Geez, this fake's skills aren't funny!

Story Background for Dragon Ball Z 3

One of the main reasons I got this game was because I'm a big fan of 
the DB/DBZ anime and manga.  Therefore, in case you have the game, 
and don't know any of the background of the story, this part of this 
guide is here to fill you in.

To start from the beginning of the entire DB series would take 
forever, so I'm going to start from the Cell Game.

Cell was an organic Artificial Human developed by the same creator 
of #18.  Once he absorbed #18 and her twin brother #17 (Also both 
organic, at least for the most part)  he reached his perfect form and 
held a "Cell Game" which was much like a Tenkaichi-Budokai except 
everyone participating fought against him, and if he won, he'd blow 
up the earth.  To make a long story short, Gohan went Super 
Saiyajin-2 during the fights and killed Cell, although another man, 
Mr. Satan, took all the credit. In the process of the battle Cell puked 
up #18 and Goku, Gohan's father, was killed in an attempt to save the 

The setting of this game takes place 7 years later, where Gohan is 16 
years old and has a brother, who had not yet been born around the 
time of Cell.  Another Tenkaichi-Budokai is being held, and Goku is 
granted one day to return to earth to compete. (Where's his halo in 
this game? Hmm...)  Before the adult's Budokai a youth division 
tournament was held in which Trunks and Goten advanced to the 
final round, and which Trunks won.

Before the adult's tournament, Kaioshin made his first appearance in 
the series, and was kind of a mystery character for a while.  Anyhow, 
the adult's tournament was disrupted when Kaioshin used Gohan to 
track Madoshi Babidi, whom he had intended to kill.  (Note: the little 
yellow guy who appears before Majin-Buu fights in the game is 
Babidi)  Two skinheads controlled by Babidi were sent to the 
tournament to collect energy from people to use to revive Majin-Buu.  
During Gohan's match, Kaioshin stunned Gohan so that the skinheads 
could go take his energy.  Since they then took off to give the energy 
to Babidi, Kaioshin pursued them, with the rest of the Z fighters.

When the Z fighters reached Babidi's spaceship, Babidi took the 
energy and then killed the skinheads.  However, the energy taken 
from Gohan was not enough to revive Majin-Buu.  Then Babidi's #1 
henchman Dabura, who is the king of the Demon World, came out of 
the ship, which surprised Kaioshin.  Babidi can take control of the 
minds of evil people and power them up in doing so, and he had 
even taken over Dabura.  In any case, Dabura knew the Z fighters 
were coming and ambushed them, spitting on Kulilin and Piccolo and 
turning them to stone.  Then he retreated into Babidi's spaceship.  
Goku, Gohan, Vegita, and Kaioshin pursued.

They had to fight through various levels of the ship, taking turns 
fighting the various enemies Babidi pitted against them.  When it 
was Gohan's turn, he fought none other than Dabura himself.  Gohan 
had not been training hard over the past seven years since he killed 
Cell so he had gotten weaker and was not killing Dabura quickly.  
This irritated Vegita who said "I'm sick of waiting!  I'm going to 
finish this now so that I can fight with you!" to Goku.  Noting Vegita's 
attitude, Dabura told Babidi that he had "found a good fighter," broke 
off combat with Gohan and left.

Dabura told Babidi that since Vegita had an evil heart that he could 
be controlled.  Babidi decided this was a good idea and tried to 
control Vegita.  He succeeded in gaining control, but what he didn't 
know was that Vegita secretly allowed himself to be controlled for 
the power-up he would gain.  Therefore he could fight Goku on more 
equal terms and *force* him to fight.  (The M on Vegita's head is on 
the heads of all of those that Babidi is in control of.)  Babidi then 
teleported the group back to the Tenkaichi-Budokai, which had just 
ended (#18 was in the last fight and agreed to throw the final match 
if Mr. Satan would pay her 2 billion Zeni.  Needless to say he 
complied-like he had a choice!)  Vegita then demanded to fight Goku.  
To piss him off, Vegita threw energy bolts into the spectators, killing 
hundreds of people.  Goku agreed to fight Vegita.  Kaioshin tried to 
prevent him, as the energy lost in their upcoming battle would be 
sent to Buu's egg to help him regenerate.  Kaioshin did not succeed, 
and Goku and Vegita were teleported to a less populated area to 

While Goku and Vegita were about to fight, Kaioshin and Gohan 
continued into the spaceship to try and kill Babidi before Buu awoke 
full-power.  He might awake not fully powered, but then there would 
be a chance to beat him.  Babidi ordered Vegita to kill Kaioshin but 
Vegita would not do it; his pride was too strong and he only wanted 
to fight with Goku.  So Gohan and and Kaioshin continued.  At the 
bottom level, both Dabura and Babidi greeted them, standing in front 
of Buu's egg.  Gohan and Kaioshin were ready to fight, but they were 
too late.  Both Goku and Vegita went Super Saiyajin-2 and the 
amount of damage taken in the fight was overwhelming, and Buu 
had reached full power.  Smoke billowed out of the base of the egg 
that housed Buu.  Gohan hit the egg with a blast and it opened, 
empty.  However, the smoke released from the base formed into 
none other than Majin-Buu...

My best guess is that it is at this point where the game takes place, 
since almost immediately after awaking, Buu cripples Gohan and 
Kaioshin into unconsciousness, and kills Dabura by turning him into a 
cookie and eating him.  Soon afterwards Vegita kills himself in an 
attempt to kill Buu.

Future Trunks is out of place in this game.  His last appearance in the 
series was after the Cell Game.  But just so I don't leave loose ends, 
here's his story.   Trunks is from a future timeline, 11 years in the 
future from the time when this game takes place.  In his timeline, 
Goku died of heart disease, and when Artificial Humans #17 and #18 
showed themselves, they went on a rampage, killing half the 
population of the planet, including Kulilin, Piccolo, Vegita, 
Tenshinhan, Yamucha, and Chaozu.  Trunks was brought up solely by 
Bulma and by his pseudo-older brother, Gohan, who is also somewhat 
of a father figure to him as well.  Gohan trains Trunks to be a Super 
Saiyajin, but eventually is killed by the Artificial Humans as well.  
It's an understatement to say that Trunks hates Artificial Humans 
#17 and #18.  In any case, Bulma develops a Time Machine so that 
Trunks can go back to the past and give medicine to Goku so he 
doesn't die, and to help the other Z fighters fight the Artificial 
Humans.  In the process, this creates an alternate time-line which 
causes several other problems (Namely Cell.)  In any case, Trunks' 
last appearance was after Cell's death, when he returned to the 
future, powered-up, and killed #17, #18, and Cell from the Future.

I think the main reason Trunks was put into this game is because 
he's a really popular character (Future Trunks and Chibi Trunks may 
be the same person but their personalities are completely 
opposites!!)  and because they just wanted to have a hidden 
character.  His "mission" in this game seems to be to rid the world of 
#18.  Because of the limited "conversational ability in this game" he 
(and Gohan too,) always talks in the casual language, although this is 
rare for his character. (Not Chibi Trunks though.)
That's about it i guess, if you have any further information, email me at