Drakkhen 2 : DRAGON VIEW  
Walkthrough by Jerrold Ng <jiyau@yahoo.com>

1. Controls
2. Walkthrough
   a. At The Beginning
   b. A Very Hot Place
   c. A Very Cold Place
   d. The Sea of Sand
   e. A Very Wet Place
   f. Into The Underworld
   g. At The End
3. PAR Codes
4. Acknowledgement

1. Controls
Direction Keys - Moves character around
Y Button       - Attacks with your equipped weapon
B Button       - Jump in dungeons, select options elsewhere
A Button       - Use equipped items in dungeons, cancel options 
X Button       - Use the Desperation Attack "Serpent Slasher",
                 will drain some life. Only after learning secrets
                 of the sword (see walkthrough).
L Button       - Does nothing
R Button       - Views map when travelling around the island
Start Button   - Pauses the game; views inventory screen
Select Button  - Does nothing

2. Walkthrough

a. At The Beginning

You begin the game at Rysis, training. A girl, Katarina, rushes to
you and tells you her grandfather Qunos has gone to "The Arsenal" 
and hasn't returned - off you go on your first quest. You'll get a
map, but you won't use it yet.

At the arsenal, just beat the lone green troll and walk up. Chat
with Master Qunos, and you'll find out that Katarina is in danger.
You'll immediately return, and meet Argos, one of the main henchmen 
of the game's villain. You can't do anything here, just follow the 
scene. After all that, talk to everyone in Rysis to get some 
beginner's advice, save the game at the temple if you want, then 

Now you get to use the map - press R button in the world scene, 
and choose the map you want to view (there's only one at the 
moment) and press the B button to view it. You'll notice another 
town, Hujia, the arsenal, Galys pass, and another cave. First head 
to arsenal to pick up your other weapon, the Hauza. Then, head to 
Rysis. Talk to a guy named Randy and you'll find out Galys pass
is blocked by boulders. Also note the chests in his room. You
won't be able to open them until much later. Head to Tylon's 
bombs, talk to the fat woman in the front, and she'll let you in. 
Talk to Tylon, and he'll tell you to get some dynamite for him. 
He'll also give you a key. Head off to the cave in the southeast. 
Your first dungeon awaits!

Storage - A very easy dungeon (what do you expect? It's the first
one!). You definitely won't get lost here, just follow the path,
sic the monsters, and you'll eventually reach your first boss,
Treasures : 

Boss : Pierca
Simple enough. Just move and down and hit him as you move. He
should have a tough time injuring you!

Once defeated, take the dynamite in the next room (looks like
a crate) and the potion and return to Hujia. Chat with the 
fat woman to get a map, then chat with Tylon, then go to the 
shop, go back, and pick up your bombs. Incidentally, there's a 
cloaked merchant hanging around just below Tylon's shop. He'll 
offer to sell you something for 200 Jade. Buy it! It's a heart 
container, which increases your max HP. He'll disappear, and 
the next time you enter the screen a woman will tell you he is 
in Casdra. 

The merchant always wanders around these three towns : Hujia,
Casdra, Miraj. Every time to you buy the container from him he
goes to the next respective town, and his price will go up
by 100 or 200 Jade. It's important to hunt him down once you 
got the cash to buy his heart container, you'll need each and 
every one he sells!

Now head to Galys pass in the northeast, and climb your way
up. Again, no surprises here, but try hitting a tree here 
and there for fruit, which you can sell to shopkeepers for
a Jade each - but keep some - they have other uses later.

b. A Very Hot Place

First, head northwest till you reach the town of Casdra.
Talk to everyone in town. There's a woman who wants to 
buy your pendant - don't sell it! I don't think you can,
anyway, it's an important quest item. Also, there's a
girl who tells you that she hid her father's bow in
the north cave. Go pick it up. Whether you choose to
give it back to the father isn't important - you'll get
to keep the bow either way.

If you enter the house whose door is marked by a star, 
you'll find out that the path to Kiere temple, your next 
destination, is blocked by ice. You'll need the ring of 
fire! Talk to the townsfolk and you'll find out about a man 
named Rodister who knows a bit about Cave of Fire, which is
where the ring is located. Now head southeast for a while
until you get to the lake area (you should have a map of
the place given by a man in Casdra). Go to Rodister's cave 
(it's not hard to miss - there's only one cave here!). Chat 
with Rodister and you find out you'll need Serpent Scales 
from Master Qunos. Yep, time to trek all the way back to 
Rysis! Take the potion and the crystal from the chest 
before you go.

On your way back, explore the caves of Galys pass if
you haven't done so already - there's a nice little
shortcut and a little bonus here... Once you get to
Rysis, chat with old master Qunos to get the Serpent
Scales. If you talk to Damme, he'll tell you about
a tablet with the secrets of the sword. Go look for 
that now - head southeast after leaving Galys pass, 
and you should find a hollow three stump - go in,
pass a few rooms, and examine the tablet to get the
powerful "Serpent Slasher" - just press X to perform 
it. Warning : it drains some life! Use it for 
emergencies only!

Go to the fire caves, located just south of Casdra.
You know you're in the right place when the ground 
starts turning red and the music changes. It's a
good idea to fight the monsters around here for 
experience before heading in.

Fire Caves - The monsters here are tough, but the
dungeon itself is somewhat simple. Just remember to
use your serpent scales! When you find a large 
furnace, remember that you can only put it out by
snuffing the base of the flames. Nothing very
challenging... until you reach the boss, Efreet.

Boss : Efreet
Your first tough opponent - this guy will kill you
if you're not careful! The strategies are similar 
to that of Pierca's; just move up and down to 
avoid the flames and that killer shoulder charge, 
and hit him when you get a chance. This guy can 
really damage, so try not to get hit too often.

After you defeat him, you'll pick up the fire ring
in the next room. Back to Casdra!

c. A Very Cold Place

After chatting to the temple guardian in Casdra
again, he'll let you through into the warp room.
Enter the warp and you'll end up in the icy 
mountain of Kiere. Wander around the map a little
to find a wandering healer, and a guy who will
upgrade your ice ring to level two - if you are
high-leveled enough. Of course, you don't have 
the ring yet, so ignore him for now. Your main 
aim is the cave on the upper right of the map. If 
you leave the map from the upper right you'll find 
another guy who will upgrade your ice ring - but 
you'll need to be even higher in levels. Okay, off 
to the ice fortress.

Ice Fortress - The monsters here definitely get
tougher - ice golems are especially dangerous, 
since you usually fight them on icy floors, which
make maneuvering difficult. You'll get your first
taste of the extremely annoying feature of this 
game - one way doors. Picking the wrong door will
send you right back a few screens, and you'll 
have to do the rooms again. And it will get worse
later in the game! Also, when you spot a cluster
of ice pillars, melt them with your fire ring.
A pit is usually hidden behind them, so jump down.
You'll eventually find yourself facing another
familiar-looking boss...

Boss : Ice Demon
Does more damage than the Efreet obviously, but 
the same tactics will get you pass here. The fire 
ring does wonders if you can hit him with it.

Once he's down, head past him and pick up the ice 
ring. Now enter though the next door and you'll 
be right back at the start! Don't worry, the front
door will open, and a "young" priest named Cliff will 
pop out (how many young priests have white beards, 
anyway?). You'll now have access to the warp that 
will take you to the next area of the map, and Kiere
Temple. Head off to the temple.

Inside, go up the first door to save and heal, then
back down and right to continue. Talk to everyone
to find out about Giza, the High Wizard and the Prime
Orb. After a couple of wimpy monsters, you'll 
eventually meet Giza, the main villain of the game. 
He'll really rough you up; then Argos calls him away 
and you'll be healed by the High Wizard (so he isn't 
after all). Now, go through the door behind the High 
Wizard and, after a few screens, you will meet Doctor 
Methraton. He'll explain some stuff about dragon lords, 
and you will get your new quest : to unearth the 
temple of Ortah. Check the orbs around him for some 
miscellaneous info.

d. The Sea of Sand

After getting the map for the desert area in the 
east, you'll have to take a long, long trek over
there. Before you enter the desert however, check
the place marked on the map as the Falls. You'll
find yourself looking at a waterfall - walk in and
pick up the lightning ring. It's gonna be very 
important near the end of the game.

In the desert map, there's a spot marked by a cross.
You can't do anything here yet, so don't bother.
Head to the cave marked in the map. 

Inside, examine the orb for a clue, then head into
the door on the furthest right. Ignore the lion
statues, then enter the next room, and drop into 
the quicksand. Follow the path and you'll eventually 
meet a cloaked man who will clue you on how to get
pass the quicksand room. Leave and return to the

Proceed to the mountains in the north. Keep fighting
monsters here until a red-colored sandworm appears.
Kill him and you'll get the horn. It's easy to spot
him, by the way - he's the only monster cloud than
runs away from you instead of running towards you!

Back into the quicksand cave, go to the room with
the lions and blow the horn. Now quicksand in the
next room will stop, and the door will be open. 
Proceed to Miraj.

In Miraj, you'll encounter the Merchant again if 
you bought heart containers from him twice. If 
you've got the jade, I suggest buying another. Talk to 
the women in town and then talk to Yuna, the head 
priestess. She's in one of the houses. She will tell
you that demons have invaded their temple (it's to
be expected; wandering around an empty temple is 
boring, right? ^_^). Now talk to another woman, Ruth,
in another house to get a key. Use it on the house
with the locked door. You'll end up in another 

Underground - Even more one-way doors, this dungeon
is designed to drive you nuts! But it's not too bad
if you explore a little. Use the horn whenever you see
two lion statues - that will open a nearby door. 
After a while of exploring, you will find the score
needed to unearth Ortah Temple.

Now back to quicksand cave. AS soon as you leave the
cave, notice you are standing on a star. Blow your 
horn now, and a new road will appear. Follow the
road and you'll eventually find Ortah Temple - it's
what looks like a brick on the ground. Just walk to
it and it will open up. 

Ortah Temple - Another annoying dungeon filled with
one-way doors and pretty tough monsters. There's also
plenty of quicksand pits you'll need to drop into, and
loads of rather dangerous traps you'll need to avoid.
And to top it off, an annoying boss!

Boss : Joker 
This boss moves a lot, and has a real long
reach with that yo-yo of his. No real tips here, just
keep moving and keep hitting.

After clearing the boss, you'll eventually reach the
first four of the eight dragon lords. Chat with them   
and you'll get your task - Sektra Temple, in the swamps
north of the lake area. Before you go there however,
go back to the cross on the desert map, and you'll
find a lion statue. What are you waiting for? Blow your
horn! Underneath, you will find a very useful magic
mirror. In battle, use it to create a magic shield 
costing three magic points. On the map, look for 
large blue triangles, and use the mirror there to 
warp to secret locations.

e. A Very Wet Place

Sektra Temple is surrounded by water, so you won't be 
able to reach just yet. Look nearby for a tree stump 
nearby. You can upgrade you lightning ring here. It's
vital - you must upgrade your ring. Instead, head 
northwest through a small valley to reach the village 
of Orusort. Again, talk to everyone in town. A professor 
will tell you about a device that will allow you to cross
the waters around Sektra Temple. Also, there's a woman
named Setia who will tell you about his husband-to-be
Fess who is mining in the Jade mine. Now, head north 
to reach the mine.

Jade Mine - After talking to a miner, you'll find out 
that you have to blow holes in the floor with your bomb
to get anywhere. Problem is, you'll have to know which 
crack on the floor to blow up - and there are plenty
to choose from! If you did pick the right ones, you'll
eventually find Fess the miner. Chat with him and he will
turn into a monster and attack you; he's a wimp. Beat
him and he'll turn back to normal, and start lamenting
and all that... after a while he'll let you into the 
next room.

Boss : Evil Voice?
This guy is actually a wimp. Just keep moving, the Hauza 
is the weapon of choice. At least he's not as annoying 
as this dungeon is!

After defeating him, in the next room you'll see
three statues and three paddles. Press the center
paddle, the left, then the right, to switch on the 
machine. Now, return to Sektra Temple. A bridge of
light will get you across the waters.

Sektra Temple - The temple of water. You'll have use 
the ice ring to freeze the waters here so you can walk
across them. There are also fountains which you have
to freeze to form steps to higher areas. Other than
that, there's nothing really tricky about this dungeon.
Until you meet the boss, that is.

Boss : Sea Serpent
Tough! He jumps around a whole lot, and breaths water at 
you. Keep to your sword, and use your ice ring to slow 
him down. You will need to be pretty high-leveled to 
have a chance. 

After that, you'll meet the last four dragon lords,
and they will turn your pendant Guardrak into the 
Soldrak (where do they get these names?). Now head back
to Hujia. Talk to everyone to learn about the 
mysterious sickness, and go look for Randy. Get the 
chests in the back room of his home. You'll get a 
fairy statue and a map. The dragon lords will inform
you about the location to the underworld. Now head 
back through Galys Pass, and head to the extreme 
Southeast. You will eventually find the ruined town
of Nell.

f. Into the Underworld

Head to the furthest right house. It will be empty.
However, try to leave, and two girls will appear.
They tell you their grandfather Ogma (the person you
are looking for) is stuck in the well. They'll also 
tell you a tree stump connects to the well. So head 
Northwest into the stump. 

Well - Surprisingly, this dungeon is relatively 
smaller than the last few you've tackled, but there's
quite a bit of those infamous one way doors, not to
mention some difficult jumps that will send you right
back to the start if you miss. Annoying, but not too

You'll eventually reach the old man Ogma and take him
back to Nell. He will awaken the fairy, "Blessing", and
tell you a little something about the woodland guardian
and the Forest of Illusion, another staple huge, 
impossible maze that seem to appear in every rpg 
nowadays. Incidentally, you're about to tackle a few 
tough dungeons in a row, so make sure you're prepared.

Forest - Use Blessing at every screen and she will lead 
you through the right path. The large cyclops here are
very dangerous - not only they are hardy, they hit 
pretty hard too. You will eventually reach the woodland
guardian, and free her with your pendant. Next up is 
the mountains area. Remember her tip - use a level
two lightning spell by holding down the A button. It
can shatter any boulder that blocks your way.

The rainy mountains contain some really tough monsters;
a good place to train yourself. And you will need training.
Your next "dungeon" awaits in the nearby cave.

Mountain - This mountain trek isn't nearly as annoying as
the last few. What is annoying is that you will have to
go through it three times! Check the caves for a heart and 
star container. Incidentally, for really foggy caves, lower
the brightness of your TV or computer to see pits and 
cracks for you to bomb. Once you get to the top cave, a
cloaked guy (what is with all these cloaked strangers in
this game?) will tell you that you can't pass without
fire boots, located below the rainy mountain area.
Now trek all the way back down.

Once you're back, check the map and you'll notice a cross
on the map. Go there, and walk into the colored boulder
break through. Walk in and look around for the fire boots,
their not too hard to find.

Now go back through then mountains AGAIN. Back in the cave,
you can now walk on fire. This dungeon has the same old,
annoying one-way doors, and really tough monsters. You will
be meeting lots of Piercas and Efreeti, but they should be 
simple to handle now. This dungeon is very long, but at 
least there's no actual boss for you to fight. After a long
journey, you'll meet Argos, who will ironically get killed
by a wimpy lackey. He will then have a change of heart and 
create a healing circle (which also let's you save the 
game). This is the last save game spot before the final

g. At The End

Before you tackle the final dungeon, you may realize that
the caves take you to another exit south of the desert
(try pushing a statue...). This is a good time to travel 
around looking for secret caves - every map has some of
them. Also, buy as much heart containers from the wandering
merchant too. Make sure you get the maximum items you can
carry. And get tons of experience while you're at it. You
will need it, trust me.

Once you're done, proceed past Argos' healing circle and
and you'll eventually end up at the entrance to the 
underworld. So, what are you waiting for?

The underworld is an area you will have to figure out 
without a map - but don't worry, it's pretty obvious
where you've got to go, since it's the only place you
can enter! Incidentally, go fight the monsters wandering
around here - you'll need the experience.

Castle - As you might expect, this is the most difficult
dungeon of the game. Very tough monsters wander here! Also,
there's plenty of those ever so annoying one way doors. 
However, the most irritating bits are the jumping parts.
The wavering effects make it hard to jump properly, and
since they are usually one above the other in floors, miss
one jump and there's a good chance you'll fall two or three
floors straight down to where you started. Tossing in the
irritating flying reapers, and you've got one frustrating
dungeon. But persevere, and you'll reach the end, and meet
Giza for the final battle.

Boss : Giza
He's actually not too difficult, since his attacks are 
somewhat easy to avoid. But be careful if you do get hit 
- the damage he does is unbelievable! Keep a potion handy.
Move up and down, and when he starts shooting flames, run
behind him and hit. Mind you, he also has really powerful
armor, so this fight will definitely take a while. 

Once the battle is over, Giza's dead sister Sara will appear, 
and after a long talk, Katarina will appear, and you'll both
escape with the prime orb. Be prepared for the longest credit
scrolling scene ever, and some majorly cheezy ending after 
that! Well done!

3. PAR Codes
I'm not really into cheating, but I guess this game is somewhat
tough, so here are some codes that I have discovered that might 
help you out.

- Gives you enough experience to reach master level (above
level 45) in one fight.

- Gives you infinite jade. WARNING : do not save your game with
this code on or your save game will be deleted!

- Gives you five keys - enough to clear all the dungeons

- Gives you a bomb, useful in the Jade Mine!

- Your sword level - x can be 0 to 5

- Your armor level - x can be 0 to 5

- Your Hauza level - x can be 0 to 5

4. Acknowledgement
- Myself, for playing such an old game that most people
  would have forgotten about
- Kemco, for making a truly original game (are they still

Drakkhen 2 : Dragon's View is a copyright of Kemco and Infogrames