Final Fantasy Adventure FAQ Version 0.52

Table of Contents
I. Notes
1. Intro.
2. Characters
3. Walk through
4. Items
5. Weapons
6. Armor
7. Game Genie Codes
8. Credits

I. Notes
This is an incomplete version, I had hoped to have it finished by now but,
 I will be going back to Hawaii very soon and will not be able to finish 
it immediately when I get there (it may be a matter of a few months). So 
if you can add any thing to this please send it to me!! If I get enough 
help I may be able to finish it in time.

-Isaac Ordonez <Square_S@prodigy.com>

1. Intro.
Tree of Mana grows with the energy of
will from each and every thing of this world.

It grows high above the clouds in the air 
on top of Mount Illusia.

Legend tells that it gives eternal power 
to the one who touched it.

Dark Lord was trying to find the way to 
the Tree of Mana and get the mighty 
power to conquer the world.

2. Characters

Boy-	The boy was a prisoner of the empire of Glaive he and his 	friends 
are forced to fight just for the pleasure of others. 	After making a 
daring escape he meets a girl and starts off on 	a great adventure.

Girl-	She is found by the boy while going to see Bogard with her 	friend, 
Hasim (who is killed). She has no known past but soon 	turns out to be a 
member of the Mana family.

Man-	A mysterious man found in the marsh cave, his secrets will be 

Watts- A weapons forger, he will join you in the mines. He has a 	knack 
for silver and can make many things with it.

3. Walk through
You start off in a small Arena with a monster that moves in a "W" pattern,
 it is fairly easy to beat, just hit and run. 

After Beating it you end up in a room with your Dying friend Willy. 
He tells you about the Mana Tree and Gamma Knights. He tells you to 
see a man named Bogard. After that Willy passes away.

In the Next room you Meet Amanda and a man. Amanda talks of escape 
and her little brother. The man tells you the entrance for the 
monsters is a way out.

Make your way back to the Arena. Fight the monster the same 
way you did with the first and head out the gate to freedom.

Go to the west and you will find Dark Lord and Julis talking about the 
Mana Tree being up the falls in a shrine. They talk of a girl with the 
key. Julis disappears and Dark Lord spots you. You take off running and 
end up at a cliff over looking the falls. Dark Lord pushes you off...

You wake up near a stream and go East, East, South, East and North.

				Town of Topple
You will be in the town of Topple. If you have enough money buy a Cure, 
if not you can come back later. Do not buy a Broad Sword, since you all 
ready have one equipped.

When you exit town go south and east. There will be a girl yelling for 
help, with and a wounded young man named Hasem next to her. Kill all the 
monsters then talk to Hasim. He asks you to take the girl to Wendel and 
to see Bogard. At that point Hasem Passes away.

Walk around fighting until you are about Level 3 (don't go too far from 
town). Keep an eye on you HP, have the girl heal you (press start and the 
choose "Ask", she will treat you wounds)

If you have 140 G by now the go back to town and buy that Iron Helmet. 
Sell your old Bronze Helmet and buy a set of keys at the item shop 
(they'll come in handy later).

Exit town and go east twice, south, east, north, west, north and west 
twice. You will come upon a vine, climb up it. Now there will be two 
vines, take the one on the west and proceed. Now go up the vine there and 
follow the vines until you reach a house.

				Bogard's House
Inside you will find an old man wandering around, talk to him 3 times, he 
will notice a pendant on the girl and talks about the war. He tells you 
to take the mattock in the next room and go to the cave on the east side 
of the mountains. He also informs you of a man named Cibba in the town of 

Get the Mattock in the next room and leave. Go south, east, north, south 
and east twice. You will end up at a cave.

Once inside make the Mattock your "B" item (start-Item-mattock) and use 
it on the rocks blocking the exit to the south. Go south 2 rooms the up 
the stairs.

Once outside go east twice, south, east. You will see a little shop, 
inside the owner is selling a Battle Axe for 150, if you have the $$ buy 
it (be sure to equip it :). If not go outside and fight until you do. 
Also buy at least 1 Pure (they can also be won from the flowers too).

Now go east, south twice and wast twice. You will be at an Inn called 

Once inside you will notice a man blocking the doorway going east, saying 
it's for Mr. Lee only. In the north room you learn about the Lizardmen's 
nest and the Mirror. To the west you will find 2 beds, hop in and take a 
nap. The girl finds the Magic Book of Cure in her bed.

You wake up in the morning and find the Girl's gone, the man at the door 
says he hasn't seen her.

					Lizardmen's nest
Leave and go east 4 times and then south. You will come upon the 
Lizardmen's nest. Kill them all and a treasure chest containing the 
Bronze Key will appear in the middle of the "C".

From here go north, east and north. The door is locked so make the Bronze 
Key your "B" item (like you did with the mattock, from now on I'm gonna 
refer to this as using the item :) and walk in.

					Cave of Marsh
You will see a Man inside, enlist his help and go north and west. You 
will be in a room with a strange looking tile, step on it and a stair 
case will appear in the corner, go down. Once outside go east across the 
log, down the vine then west and into the cave.

You will end up in a room with a small pond. Go west and use the mattock 
on the south wall. Go south, in the room go across the Ice and get the 
treasure (it's a Sickle). Equip and use to cut down the vines around so 
you can get out.

Go back until you are where you entered the cave (and met the "Man"). Go 
down and use the mattock on the west wall and enter. Now remember the key 
you got? Use it on the door go through (If you don't have any keys keep 
killing the skeletons until the give up a pair). 

In the room you will find a empty treasure chest (DON'T hit it) and a 
switch. When you step on the switch a stair case appears, when you step 
off it disappears. Push the chest on the switch to make it stay (if you 
hit the chest exit and re-enter the room). Go down the stairs. you will 
end up in a room with a healing pond. If you go at the south end and push 
agenst it your HP and MP will be restored.

Go back to the room where you used the key, now go west twice and north 
once. You will come to a room with another locked door, open it. Inside 
the door will shut tight and monsters will attack, kill'em. After they 
are all dead the door will open and a chest will appear (it contains an 
Iron Shield).

Now leave the room and go up then north. Use the mattock on the rock in 
the corner, a stair case is reveled. Go down. (If you ran out of mattocks 
you can get them from the blobs that bounce around, only the man can kill 
them though).

Once outside climb the vines down and then west across a bridge. Enter 
the cave found here.

Inside you will see a bridge, go west, south and east (locked door). In 
the room you'll see Ice laid out. Enter at the north, break the rock with 
mattock, go south and break the bottom rock to reach the switch, a stair 
case appears, go down, SAVE your game, then go east.

Wait at the bottom till it is in range then hit him with all you can, 
just before he can hit you go to the top and wait. Repeat until dead. 
(NOTE: when on top be careful of the upper head, it CAN hit you easily). 
After you defeat it a small bridge with 2 treasure chests appear. The 
first contains the Magic Book of Fire, the second contains the Mirror. 
The Man will leave you with a piece of advice and you will be warped out 
of the cave.

Now go back to Kett's.

				Back at Kett's
Once inside use the Mirror on the man blocking the east door, he will 
turn into a werewolf, kill it. Now the door opens go through.

Once inside go west, north, and west. You will come upon a stair case. 
Once down it go south. Use your mattock on the east wall (going west just 
dead ends). Inside go north, east, south twice, and west. Break a pot 
with your mattock to get the switch, a stairway going down appears.

Down stairs you will be in a room with spikes lined up on the floor, 
Don't step on them, you will receive damage. Go east and north. Unlock 
the door to the north and proceed. Inside you will find a chest 
containing the Chain. Once near the chest 2 bricks appear preventing you 
from exiting. Equip the chain and "Attack" the pole to the east, you will 
be pulled over. Step on the switch and the bricks will disappear.

Go south twice, west and north the stairs. Now, go up the set of stairs 
to the north. Go down the hall way and use the chain on the pole across 
the way like you did before. Keep going and then down the stairs.

You will end up in a room with a fence in it, go west, north and Use your 
chain to get across the pit (if you fall in go north, then up the stair 
case, the south you will end up in the same room). Now go east. Use the 
mattock to go up (If you don't have one go east, north, and west). Push 
the chest on the switch and go down the stairs that appear.

Use the Mattock on the South-east pot, a stair case will appear go down 
again. Now go east and south through the locked door. You will see a 
bunch of caskets open the second from the right on the bottom, you will 
find the girl. Now make your way out (N, W, Up stairs, up more stairs, E, 
S, W, S, up stairs, E, E, down stairs, E, N, N, W, S, W, N, up stairs, E, 
S, W).

You will be in a room with 2 Statues have the Girl heal you and then save.
 Now go west. You will meet Mr. Lee... The vampire! Dodge the bats he 
throws and hit him. If you need, have girl heal you. He will fall fast if 
you time your hits. After he Dies you will receive the Magic book of Slep.

When your out side head for Wendel, go east 3 times, south, west (you 
need to equip the sickle to cut down the plants), south, west, north, 
south (across the river), east, south, south, east, north, north.

Inside you will meet the man that helped you in the marsh cave (he just 
says "Hello again! How've you been?"). Talk to the people and go to the 
weapon shop, buy Iron Armor (you should already have Iron Shield and 
Helmet, if you don't get them too). Sell you old Bronze armor for a 
little extra $$ and any other items taking up space (like Bronze Key and 
pillows). If you need any Items get'em at the item shop.

Now go to the northern part of town you will enter a church and meet 
Cibba, he will talk about the Mana Tree. The girl will meet her mom and 
learn stuff. Suddenly the town will be under attack, "Man" will take the 
girl to a safe place, you set off following him. You will find monsters 
through out the town. Go to the entrance of Wendel and you will find him. 
You will lean that "Man" is really Julis. He throws you against the wall 
and you black out.

You wake up in the church with Cibba. He tells you about what happened 
you decide to go the airship. Before leaving he gives you the Magic book 
of Heal.

Leave Wendel and go west, south, and west use your axe to cut down the 
tree on the far left, it won't leave a stump like the other letting you 
pass. Go west twice and into the cave there.

					Dwarf cave
Once inside the Dwarf cave you will learn about Watts, his where abouts, 
the trolley that needs oil and that the airship went west past Gaia's 

Exit The cave and go north, go across the river via your chain. Once on 
the other side go south twice then east. Enter the little shop found here 
and buy some oil.

Once outside go north and cross river. Go north 3 times (need to use axe 
on trees 3rd time). You will now be in an area with lots of trees, cut 
the trees to the right untill you get to the square area, then cut the 
ones to the left. Now go west once. The cave you see is the mine.


Inside you will see a mine cart (Make sure you have the chain Equipped), 
use the oil, that you bought earlier, on it. You will start cruising in 
your new mine Cart :). To change tracks use the chain to hit the switches.
 Use this chart to finish it quickly:
Switch	Side on  	Hit
First		Bottom	No
Second 	Top		Yes
Third	Right	Yes

This will make you derail into a big pit. When you wake up you will see 
Watts, he joins you for the search of silver. Go north and use Mattock on 
rock (If you don't have one or need an item, Ask Watts, he will sell you 
items) then go east and use the mattock to get the to south. Inside is a 
Heal Pond get refreshed the go back up. Use mattock again of the rocks so 
you can get to the east wall, use mattock on it.

In this room Break the pots on the bottom and step on the switch, the 
"ride" the ice to the stairs. Once outside go west twice then in a cave.

When you're back inside the cave go west, north then up the stairs. Now 
go west then down more stairs. Once outside make sure you Save and are at 
full strength. Go down the vine.

You will come upon a Snake like boss called Megapede, it fallows a simple 
Pattern: Right to Top, Bottom to Left, Then it repeats it. If you keep 
dodging, hitting and anticipate where he will come out next you should 
have should be no problem.

Once defeated a chest containing Silver will appear in the center of the 
room take it! You will be warped outside and Watts will take the silver 
to the Dwarf cave to have it forged.

Head off for the Dwarf cave by going E, S, S, W. Once inside find Watts 
and buy all the Silver Items you can afford. Go out side and off to 
Giga's pass North, E, N, N.

				Giga's Pass
Once inside go west and south. You will come into a room with 4 statues 
and a lake between them. When you go through them the door opens and 
closes, so go through the right one then up to the left. Just as the door 
opens, turn around and go south through the door. In the next room you'll 
see a stair case, go up it.

You will be out side and meet Bogard he tells you the airship is up north 
and joins you. Now head south, south, west, north, and north. You will 
end up at an Inn, stay if needed. Now go west (cut trees), north, north-
west. Now you'll be at an item shop

4. Items
Name	Description					Buy
-----	-----------					----
Candy	Heals 10 HP					NA
Cure		Heals 16 HP					??
Cure 2								40
Ether								320
Pure		Heals Poison					??
Pillow	Makes enemys fall asleep			NA
Oil		Use to make mine cart move			??
Gold		Sell at shop for gold				NA
Key		Opens locked doors				15
Mattock	Break pots, rocks and weak walls		60
Nectar	Makes bar go at twice speed			NA
Silver	Used by watts to make silver stuff	NA

5. Weapons
Name	Type		+ Damage	Cost	Special
-----	----		-------	----	-------
Broad	Sword	1		
Battle	Axe		4		150	Use to chop trees.
Sickle	Sickle	5		NA	Use to cut vines.
Chain	Whip		6		NA	Use to cross gaps via Poles
Silver	Sword	10		

6. Armor
Name	Type		-Damage	Cost	Special
-----	----		-------	----	-------
Bronze	Armor	1
Iron		Armor
Silver	Armor	+3 iron
Bronze	Helmet	1
Iron		Helmet
Silver	Helmet			240
Bronze	Shild	1
Iron		Shild
Silver 	Shild	+0 iron

7. Game Genie Codes
FFE-6B9-E62--Start with 255 in each Ability
FAE-3FC-4C1--Don't take most damage
14E-6B9-E62--Start new game with stamina, power and will = 20
1EE-6B9-E62--Start new game with stamina, power and will = 30
AA2-ECB-357--No Enemies appear on the screen and are replaced by glitched 
enemies. Bosses appear but only take off 1 HP of damage. That means this 
code is basically an almost invincible code. This code will glitch if 
there is a non-glitched enemy on a screen (not a boss) and you swing your 
weapon. I played for a long time using this code and this only happened 
on one screen in the game. Also, any other player than the hero will 
become glitched so this means no other characters in the game :-(. (They 
will reappear when the story needs them).
FFE-3B9-EFE--This code is useless. However, when I entered it, the Game 
Genie said "Congratulations! You have found the easy secret!  Now find 
the hard ones!"  It only worked one time, but what meaning could this 
have?  What does it mean?
40E-A49--Level goes up to 37. Use it at the start of a new game. It will 
raise your level up to 37. Lots of button pushing.  Your hit points and 
other stats will also raise.
FFE-A69--Level goes to 39 Will raise level to 39 at the start of a new 
game. You should also save your game as soon as possible after using. 

8. Credits
Game Genie Codes from Game Genie Code Creators Club (GGCCC), http://www.

Walk through, Item/Weapon/Armor lists written my me, Isaac Ordonez 

Visit my Squaresoft web page at http://www.dragonfire.net/~Squares.