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7th Legion - PC

7th Legion - PC
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7th Legion - PC en Favori.

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Start a Mission with Anything

Look for a file called missions.ini in your .data dir and open it with your favorite text editor. Under each mission profile you will see a header called "PVSTART" followed by 44 numbers. Each number represents how many of each unit you will start with. Starting from the left here is a list of which each number represents this is a partial list. If you know the rest please email me:1 Ore Carrier2 Ore Truck3 Crusader4 Oppressor5 Crucifier6 APC7 Faith Hammer8 Annihilator9 Purifier17 Mortar Unit18 Priest19 Medic20 Slaven Rider34 Inquisitor AC35 Revelator AC37 Nova AC39 Redeemer AC

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