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FIFA 2002 World Cup - Game Cube

FIFA 2002 World Cup - Game Cube
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FIFA 2002 World Cup - Game Cube en Favori.

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Get New Teams

Get All America's Team - Win world cup with S America & N America
Get All Europe Team - Win World Cup with Oceania & Europe teams
Get All Africa Team - Win World Cup with Africa team
Get All Asia Team - Win World Cup with Asia team
Get All World Team - Win World Cup with Brazil team on pro difficulty

Bonus Teams

Win world cup on any difficulty with following teams to get euro all stars and all america all stars.

Win with france > euro stars
win with argentina > all america stars

Alternate ending music

Play the World Cup on World class mode and use any team except for France. Once you get to the World Cup finals, defeat your opponent with a score of 2-0, 4-2, or 6-4. At the end of the game, the music will not be what is normally played. Instead, it will have the title screen music blended in.

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