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Buck Bumble - Nintendo 64

Buck Bumble - Nintendo 64
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Buck Bumble - Nintendo 64 en Favori.

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Easy Way to Defeat Bees

Wait until they get very close to you when they lower their altitude to hit you. Use you weapon with the startype ammo to shoot them. You will hit them almost every time and if they hit you it won't take much away as normal.

All Weapons

At the Title screen press Left Right Up Down. Then hold Z and press Right Right Left Left.

Level Select

At the Title screen hold Z and press Right Down Down Right. Release Z then press Right Up Down Left Left Up Right Right.

Infinite Lives

At the Title screen press L R B A Z Left Right.

Full Health and Ammo

During gameplay press A B R.


At the Title screeen hold Z and press R R L L Up Down Left Right.

Play as Dark Stinger

While the game is loading hold Z Up on the Analog Stick then press CUp CRight CDown CLeft 5 times. Now press B A B.

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