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Hey You, Pikachu! - Nintendo 64

Hey You, Pikachu! - Nintendo 64
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Hey You, Pikachu! - Nintendo 64 en Favori.

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Make Pikachu clean up tissues:
From time to time, Pikachu will throw tissues around the room. If you want him to clean it up, say one of these things:
Clean up!
Clean up, Pikachu
Pikachu, clean up!
Clean up this mess!
Clean up this mess, Pikachu!

Get a prize for catching fish:
If you catch a lot of Pokemon in any lake in the game, you will get a certificate in your room for catching those Pokemon in the lake.

Go to take care of the CATERPIE. When one of them is hungry, go up to where the red flowers are ask say: "Do lighting!". He will Thunderbolt!

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