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Conquest: Frontier Wars Demo - PC

Conquest: Frontier Wars Demo - PC
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Conquest: Frontier Wars Demo - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Enter and type 'Give the sushi to Sean'. Then press Enter and type any of the following "Codes":
A winner is you  Win Mission
I am evil Homer  Lose Mission
spacebridge  Unlocking missions
The Master Builders  Fast Building On/Off
Your chicks for free  Building Costs On/Off
The Ultimate Doom  Destroying Player
If they could see me now  No fog of war
I'll rip out your optics  Normal fog of war
I can see clearly now  Clearing fog of discovery
I want a raise  Gives Ore
Do you smell something?  Gives Gas
The courage of the fearless crew  Gives Crew
Some Great Reward  Max out all of player's resources

Submitted by CyberMan

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